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    Good Scripting Language for C

    On and off only a couple of months, deffinately not enough to move on, I still need to learn APIs I'd guess and more about everything haha. I've only got the bare bones
  2. Hey guys, I have decided that I am going to look more into C programming, now my next question is: What scripting languages can be used with C? What would be the best (in your opinion) for making games? Should I master C before I start scripting, or learn the two together? Sorry if these sound like stupid questions haha, I just want to make sure I'm learning useful things and implementing them correctly.
  3. JFarnelli

    Game Development Career Question?

    Hey thanks for all of the replies guys, I think based off all of these replies I'm going to look more into C programming, I started learning it a while ago I learned the fundamentals then stopped to go learn C++. I think I will be looking more into C. Thank you all!
  4. JFarnelli

    Game Development Career Question?

    "Scripting" in unity is usually done with C#, which is a general purpose programming language... which means you'll be programming.   Learning to program well is important. You can do that in C#/Unity. If you want to be a game programmer as a career, you should learn C and C++ at some point, but the order doesn't matter. Many people will recommend that you learn C# first (it's more beginner friendly), then move backwards to C (because it's a lot harder) I started with C++ first, and learned C# afterwards... but it was very frustrating   There's not really a wrong way to do things as long as you keep practicing your skills and keep learning new things! Keep it up!   Thanks for the answer Hodgman! And yeah I have heard a lot about learning C, but I'm puzzled because as far as I know, C is basically unused at this point in time.  I'm sure a million things use C that I am not aware of, but I feel like C++ has taken the throne, I don't really know the difference between the two.  I'd guess C has more uses? I don't know haha.
  5. JFarnelli

    Suggest 2D game engines

    Hello, I personally think Unity3d is a great engine for making 2d or 3d games alike, just look around YouTube.  It is very powerful, however there is a lot of scripting and such to be learned in order to fully use Unity.  If you want an engine that will be simple to use and still powerful, I'd go with Game Maker, I used to use it and I loved it!
  6. Hey guys, this is my first post on this website ever so I guess I should introduce myself first.  My name is Joe and I live in New Jersey, I am 15 years old and currently entering my sophomore year in high school.  I have been coding since I was in 6th grade, I started with FreeBASIC which I learned very fast and easily, than I moved on to GML (Game Maker Language) which was used for making games in Game Maker.  Now for my question:   I have been experimenting in many engines such as Unity3d, and Game Maker.  I have moved away from Game Maker as of late because I want a more "serious" approach to making my games, because I think Game Maker feels like a toy.  So I began using Unity.  I also began learning C++ programming by itself, which makes me think... I have been wanting to pursue a career in game development (programming) but I'm not sure whether I should focus on using Unity and learning Scripting for it, or focus on learning how to completely write everything from scratch.  Obviously one of these is easier, but I want to know what would be best for what I want.   It basically comes down to Scripting VS Programming (Unity VS C++).  Do colleges use engines? Or do they teach you to make them from scratch? Or both?   Any information is helpful, Thanks
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