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    What should I name my sandbox game?

    It's basically a guy spawning on a main world. Once he masters the main world he can build portals to go to other universes. Or he can build a time machine and go back/forward in time. My prototype name was called "Time Craft".   Because of the different times, universes, and dimensions, there will be a LOT of stuff here. The player can bring ancient stuff back to the present or bring futuristic stuff to the ancient world. That means you can bring back Damascus Steel to the main world.
  2. SandboxCoder

    What should I name my sandbox game?

    Excavation Artistry... Mine... Craft...    I've seen what you've done there.
  3. As you can see from my username, it's obvious that I work on sandbox games. I just started working on a game with my team of 3 including me. I probably need a name for it, otherwise I've got to rename ALL of the random folders. So I just went ahead. I just need a name for an open world sandbox game with cubes as the primary shape, with other 3D models too. And I don't want a name that has the word "Mine" or "Craft".
  4. I started writing down ideas like crazy for my new sandbox open world game. But it seemed like a mess, I don't know what genre game I should focus on: because I have everything from medieval villages to modern cities, from nukes to planet exploration. They don't really fit well together, and texture pack designers can't really get a medieval texture for a modern thing. If I should really focus on one genre, what should I focus on?
  5. I'm programming an open-world sandbox game but I need some sort of good game engine. I need a game engine that can support a lot of blocks 3D models, and also handle animations and meanwhile add HD graphics. Most of my textures are 32x32, but water, sky, and more are higher. I only have a team of a handful (TBH, I have 3) programmers with some experience.    I'm leaning towards Java/LWJGL because I know the code most, but Unreal's graphics are really cool. Unity, although it's easy to learn, is one of the worst game engines for programming an open world game. Not sure about rendering, I'd say OpenGL.   BTW, my game is NOT a minecraft clone.
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