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  1. Hi there, I'm a 42 Y.o guy who's gained quite a bit of experience in 2d pixel/3d object art and ive been a musician, studied sound engineering, can play guitar/sing a bit and also make electronic/synth stuff. Im learning to program in c/c++/c# but im finding im making slow progress with my coding. I've had the idea that i'd like to volunteer to provide assets for a project, that way I can get involved in a project whilst I catch up with my programming skills. Ive grown up from the 8-bit era and used to program assembly on my spectrum as a kid, I used to make art on imagine a and deluxe paint on my amiga. Ive lived through gaming in the windows 95/xp era and then the ps1/n64 consoles too. I'd really like to contribute 3d models/textures/pixel art/music to a project online and could maybe provide some artistic direction. (ps I also love sci-fi movies and books). Ive created a channel on youtube, ive only put a couple of videos on there but im going to try an increase my output of content here's the link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAnBpmBK1FNX-ZBllwYSNSg if any programmer/dev wants someone to work on assets for online project then message me. I think It would be good for me to focus on creating content for a project and see it being put to use. (im on discord too ) 👍
  2. Franken-Stone

    easy 3d precision model software

    I really like silo https://nevercenter.com/silo/ its a light program so it doesn’t use a lot of system resources and the executable will load in a tick, it’s a great 3D object modeller and very useful for low-mid objects, it can edit uv’s (texture mapping coordinates )and it’s not free but the license is reasonably priced my other must have app is 3D coat https://3dcoat.com/home/ It’s a 3D sculpting / texture painting app that has so many features but great for starting hi poly sculpting models and then also a good tool for final texturing after you’ve got your model to that stage i couldn’t live without these 2 favourite apps 🙏😋
  3. Franken-Stone

    new developer here

    Sorry to bump the thread but I was thinking It would probably be sensible to do it as a straight console app then consider incorporating those other features if possible. It would also be platform neutral like that Bump over lol
  4. Franken-Stone

    Looking for feedback: RTS / RPG type game music

    I like it, really well put together piece of music, would fit well on an intro screen or even in game, it sounds polished enough to use in a project, well done 👍
  5. Franken-Stone

    new developer here

    So im going to code a text adventure, I’m thinking I can hopefully change the text colour in std::cout and then try and play some tracker music using the openmpt libs [these are extra touches that I’d like to implement], I’ve got a good idea for how the game will work, describing scenes and available actions, and a bit of humour was always good in the old txt adventures, I read enough novels to be able to set some narrative/structure. I’m going to try and do something later today. its a super lame project but it’s all for the benefit of learning im going to do it on the side as I’m learning to do directx app
  6. Franken-Stone

    new developer here

    Thanks alberth, I think I’m going to follow your advice and code a few simple games, a text adventure like the ones on old 8/16 bit machines might be a good start, I know that I could make a console app using the std lib with cout & cin, I’m probably slightly further on with the language than a console app but not by much, I have some good reading material though, I have a “sams learn c++ in 24 lessons” book which I’ve had a long time which serves me well, also a “c++ primer” book,I have Kernighan & Ritchie (k&r) second edition ansi c book, a “c++ for dummies “(which I don’t look at much), I have an orielly “c# in a nutshell” which I’m planning on giving more time to once I’ve digested the c & c++ stuff I’m learning. I’ve got a 20 y.o petzold “programming windows” 5th and 6th edition (don’t know how relevant that is today) . Anyway I’m keeping busy chipping away at it.
  7. Franken-Stone

    Openmpt c++ exercise

    oh I just looked a bit more at the documentation, I should have looked a bit more at it it's got everything there, I guess when youre busy and trying to decide where to focus your efforts, its easy to skim over something, im going to get back to the documention and cop/paste the code examples download the relevant code and try and build it, I still need to be more familiar with this process, but thanks baron. [any input still greatly appreciated, or if anyone else is compiling this let me know how you get on]
  8. Franken-Stone

    Openmpt c++ exercise

    yes thats it, I have looked at the documentation. Truth be told I need to become familiar with using different API's, to get comfortable with compiling using headers and linking so I can explore the many useful lib's out there. This is a bit of my achilles heel at the moment. I'm steadily learning the language and syntax, and im understanding more about how all the pieces fit together, but i'd like to become more familiar with using a libray. Can anyone help walk me through a code example? thanks ps I know it should be all explained in the documentation but ive been learning so much im a bit shell shocked at cramming it all in, a helping hand in compiling this short bit of code and I guess call the functions in the header files would be really useful 👍 : (im going to spend a while looking at the documention now) edit: found this mod archive https://modarchive.org/index.php
  9. Franken-Stone

    Openmpt c++ exercise

    Hi there, I’d like some beginner help to use the openmpt library to play a track in a windows c++ executable , I think this could be useful for a lot of projects. for those that don’t know, https://openmpt.org/ is a music tracker for creating music tracks like they used to do it in another era of gaming. Openmpt has its own standalone application for making your track, but Openmpt has libraries so you can play your track from your c or c++ application. id like to compile and link a short piece of code to play a tracker tune, I need to learn how to use someone’s libraries, headers and compile and link to them, I could use this practice, thanks 🙏
  10. Franken-Stone

    new developer here

    Thanks Alberth for the welcome, it’s good to get an idea of how things work here. And thanks baron for your comments , It’s great to know where you are with things, I’m still taking first steps coding c++, I’ve had goes at learning the language and then haven’t managed to quite get there, I’ve been making some progress recently and things make sense more now, I think just a bit more experience actually coding and building is helping me understand, thanks for your replies 👍
  11. Franken-Stone

    Looking for help - 3d Platformer

    hey there schmitendorf, I feel Im a skilled enough 3d artist/ musician and id like to get on board, check out my first post I just put on the beginners board , see what you think
  12. Franken-Stone

    new developer here

    Hi there, Im training to be a game developer, been training for years, im 42 now and I have experienced to early days of gaming as a kid, programming machine code on my 8-bit zx spectrum and then later messing with my commodore amiga mainly using deluxe paint, but that's all old stuff. I'm learning c & c++ & c# .trying to focus on c & c++ first and keeping a mental note of what is relevant to each language. I got my books for reference material, my pc with decent spec win 10 x64 dirctx12 capable graphics card, visual studio Im also a 2d/3d artist and have 3d sculpting/modelling/painting/rendering software which im working on some game assets. then im also a musician, make sequence music, Ive studied sound engineering and played in a band when I was younger, I can play guitar/record too. what really like to is some retro-inspired games but with using all of the power available to a directx12 app, If you remember the megadrive/snes and if you've played any mame arcade games id like to make some games that have that feel from that era and id like to use tracker music, like make some chiptunes and stuff, but id still like to design a game that uses the graphical power on a modern system, just in a sort of 3d retro flavour..... I spent a lot of time years back thumbing through game development books but im trying at compiling bits of code and it makes sense now that I was told the best way to learn is through actually getting stuck in and writing code. I'd like it if some dev with coding experience could take me under their wing and get me up to speed, everything else is going well. I could provide assets as an artist/musician and id like to start a project. reply if u think you can help anyway hi and ill be posting on here regular
  13. Franken-Stone

    New here

    hey there, I've just joined the community too, am hoping to make some progress, gain some new skills and make some good friendships. hope you both enjoy the site
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