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  1. 34 minutes ago, BertiRean said:
    Hello, I am interested in the project I am currently programmer in C++, and also player of MOBAS, seeing his idea seemed to me some revolutionary truth in the industry of mobile games, I'm a student of systems engineering and development scripts for private servers Wow, although I have a complete experience using a game engine I would like to participate , the only engine I've ever used is Godot and that to perform basic games. Where I have really done great things is in private servers in the simulation of events oriented to PvE. This project really called me a lot of attention and I would like to speak this more formally.
    My Github: www.github.com/BertiRean

    Please add me on Discord. I'd love to talk a bit more about the project.

  2. Arena Of Glory

    a mobile moba game

    The Idea

    There's a lot of mobas out in the market right now. On PC at least, most don't do any good. The big 3 (LoL, Smite, Dota2) outshine any new moba coming out, but it's a different story when it comes to mobile gaming. The only quality moba game on mobile at the time of writing this is Vainglory, a 3v3 battle arena game "perfected for touch". The rest are cheap league of legends clones some of which literally use stolen models and sound effects. I'd like to create a better moba on mobile phones. Something that you can truly play anywhere without having to bring your iPad to play comfortably like Vainglory. A moba game truly perfected for touch with a 5v5 battle mode.

    The Team

    Currently there's 2 people in the team, possibly 3 (talking to possible concept artist as I write this). We're both programmers. It's always been our goal to make games. After some school and more self teaching, we have finally made it to a point where we can write games.  Of course, you might see right away how this is an issue. We can't do art. I mean I have tried but I can't do anything digitally.



    Now, 2 concept artists, 1 3D modeler (character).

    Current Progress

    Well, we have been working on the game for a year and 3-4 months. We have most of the core features done and even have temp maps put in place to test along with cheap 3d models. The game is working, only that in it's current state it can only do 3v3 battles. (Originally we were going to keep it 3v3 but later changed our minds.) We have a poorly made UI that is not appealing in any way, but can get the job done as we continue. 

    We have: Nickname choosing , friends list, tutorial for beginners,  gold: currency gained through playing and premium currency (in app purchase) to buy skins, etc. Hero list, 3v3 battle mode.. we have most of the core done.

    What's left: Implement 5v5 battles, World Chat, User Registration check (so that you never lose your account), new UI/UX/HUD & New artwork (new hero concepts, 3d models, logo, etc). 

    What we Need

    I realize this is a big project. We need people who are passionate about game design/development. People who can stick around because they love the project or just love game making in general. There's a huge opportunity for us in the mobile market and we want to offer revenue share and equity to artists and programmers that would want to jump on board. Stick through and you'll see that your time will not be wasted. 

    How to contact

    I guess you can PM me here or add me on Discord @ Altri#7510.

    You may also email me @ plus5interactive@gmail.com.


    Thank you so much for your time,




    Keep in mind we don't plan to use any of our current assets. We want everything made organically by our team and have our own unique style.


    Screen Shot 2017-06-27 at 11.33.28 PM.png

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