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  1. Celas Thienf

    UE4 Blueprint & C++ Cheat Sheets

  2. Up! Still looking for more programmers The project was updated to latest UE version 4.15.1 and got new site: https://blackdogs.atlassian.net/wiki/display/DOR/Dark+Omen+REBORN
  3. Up! Still looking for C++ programmers Our progress so far: terrain & height map, scenery, sprite, path-finding, lighting & shadow.  
  4. Celas Thienf

    Learning to write music faster!

    Do you know the guy who composed musics for these trailers? https://soundcloud.com/mechwarrior/sets/trailer-music
  5. Celas Thienf

    describing game objects in GDD

    Thanks for suggestions! I have no possibility to communicate with our programmer. The problem is that our game producer considers that describing game entities, their parameters and how they interact with each other is solely task of game designer. And I think I would handle it if I had any complete example.    
  6. Hello everyone!   I am looking for help! Currently, I am working on technical specification part of my game design document and I have to describe interactions between all entities in our game. Unfortunately, I have no programming skills and tried to search for some guidelines with examples but no luck. I have managed to find these so far, but it is still not clear how can I use it in my case.  http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/131818/the_anatomy_of_a_design_document_.php?page=5 http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/entities-parts-ii-interactions-r3617   Is there any other material that can help to understand approach in describing game entities for programmer?    Thank you in advance and sorry for my English.
  7. Celas Thienf

    Ideas of auto-combat system for spaceships game

    Guys, many thanks for your advices and the link to previous discussions. According to my game's setting spaceships are very huge (more like mothership). The smallest class has large city size. So you can not afford much per planet and the total number of planets you can control is also limited. At the moment I am thinking how to make such limited ship numbers fun for player through its detailed construction piece by piece and high level customization. And auto battle visualization has to be also carefully designed.
  8. Hello! I am looking for auto combat system ideas.    little background to my case [spoiler]I am very green in game design (two weeks old) and working on my first GDD. It is space strategy for browser with focus on developing your colonized planets mostly but there is combat too. As of now it is planned to be automatic, round based and very simple, so you can play being everywhere(desktop or gadgets). Combat starts when your spaceship meets enemy spaceship. Each round it calculates all cannon damage (there are 2 types of damage) and distributes it to shields(two types). Combat lasts till last ship. Multiple round system is to prolong combat so anyone nearby can join it with their ships even if has already started. [/spoiler]   For example I am currently studying VGA planets combat system which reference I found thanks to this thread: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/670332-degenerated-combat/   I would be very grateful for any other ideas or references to games with auto combat system and mechanics.   P.S. I am apologize if I created this post in a wrong thread.   Personal sorry to Tom.
  9. Celas Thienf

    Design Document Question

      I find Google docs very the same as MS Word but with sharing option which is very helpful if you have to communicate with your team remotely
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