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  1. ryan.mccann92

    Design Document Question

    Ok thank you for clearing that up, that actually helps a lot. I really don't like to document my code and architecture (except for the design in general) until after I've written and reviewed it. Also, it seems like documenting code would clutter the document a lot and make it difficult for others to go through it.   Another question: What tools do you usually use when writing up a design document? I tend to use an office program like LibreOffice, but I'd like to find something else to do diagrams, charts, and tables in (although tables aren't that hard to do in LibreOffice, but if there's a better way to do them that would be nice too.)
  2. ryan.mccann92

    Dual Stick Shooters - Flying or on Foot?

    I personally like the on-foot idea because then there's much more exploration (as you said). Maps can then be filled with obstacles, mazes, and cover spots, giving the player a lot more options and raising both the difficulty and general fun of the game.
  3. ryan.mccann92

    To use mana or not? (that is the question)

    Maybe scale back the healing ability a bit so that the player finds the choice between damage and healing to be more equal?
  4. ryan.mccann92

    Is Horror Possible From a Top Down Perspective

    I don't know much about Lovecraftian horror, but making monsters that move really quickly and rush you really fast can add some terror and suspense in a game if it's not overused. This isn't 2D, but I'm thinking about those really fast zombies from HL2 that howl and rush at you and can climb and stuff. Do you have any artwork/concept art that you can share at this point? I'd be interested in this game once it gets off the ground.
  5. ryan.mccann92

    Design Document Question

    When making up a game design document, do you usually document every piece of code that goes into it, or do you just document info about the various libraries, art assets, items, characters, etc?
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