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    Cylinder Texturing

    I am so sorry for taking so long to get back to you. I can't show the UVs because they are work related. I have playing with the map and I solved most of my problems. It was more on how I tried to texture in Photoshop than the UV map itself. I was trying to be too clever. And, I guess I should have explained it better, what makes this model such a pain is that cylinders are merged with others cylinders to create hallways.   I will say building a good UV map is hard since there are dozens of different ways to do it with no one correct way. As for the question about the cubic projection, no I didn't do that. I used the Planer Map, select the faces, and then sew the pieces together. Also, thanks Scouting Ninja for the reference.
  2. Hello,   I am having trouble properly texturing a space station I have created. I made the space station using several cylinders that I connect together and create hallways and rooms. Problem is when I textured the space station there is this annoying warp between the floor and the walls in some areas that does not look natural. The floor texture also have an unnatural bend despite the UV map being straight. I am not complete sure how to fix it.   Attach is a reference picture of what I am going for.
  3. HeroR

    Low Poly vs. High Poly

        I general make the models look more high tech. I know that just putting more details (higher textures) can make model looks more high res than it actually is. Your first example is what I planned to do for all the models while making a higher poly model for those I think needs it. For the record, this is for demonstration, not an active game, yet.
  4. HeroR

    Low Poly vs. High Poly

    Thank you for all your advice. I am using Z-Brush to give more detail with my model and I am getting good results so far. I am using videos to help me guide me through Z-Brush since it has been awhile since I used it. Bought it for school so might as well used it.   If I recall correctly, you are supposed to baked the high res model in the lower res to bump the detail.
  5. HeroR

    Low Poly vs. High Poly

      What is a LOD? I don't recall hearing this term before.   Btw, there seems to be a glitch on the site. It took me so long to reply because the thread tells me that no one has replied to my original question.
  6. HeroR

    Low Poly vs. High Poly

      Thanks for this. Are you talking about the Smooth feature in Maya when you talking about something similar to Blender's Subsurf modifier?   I feel stupid for not considering Z-Brush since I do have the program, although my skills with it are still in the beginning stage. From what I remember, you add details to the model in Z-Brush and then baked them into the model if I remember correctly.
  7. HeroR

    Low Poly vs. High Poly

    Hello,   I wanted to know how do you turn a low poly model into a high poly? I did several models for a project for my job and I put all the details that I wanted while keeping the poly count low and manageable. But my employer wonders if I can make the models a higher poly count. I know the correct process is to create a high poly model and then make a low poly version, but I have no experience making a high poly model. My experience is all about making my models as efficient as possible for gaming. Namely, getting the shape and details I want using the fewest possible polygons. The models are also checked and double check to make sure they have no ngons and tris.   I know just adding more edges is not the way to making a high poly model, so I am stuck. Any advise will be helpful.
  8. HeroR

    Metallic and Rough Maps

    Bump.   I wanted to ask if there is any videos on how to make a metallic and rough map. I have never done it before and I am having trouble finding information on how to do them.
  9. HeroR

    Metallic and Rough Maps

      Interesting. Is there any shader within Maya that is compatible with a modern rough and metallic shader?
  10. HeroR

    Metallic and Rough Maps

      I was thinking of using a Phong-E shader.
  11. Hi,   I have been looking all over the internet and I can't find an answer to this question. Where do you put the metallic and rough maps in Maya. Do the metallic map takes the place of a spec? I don't think that it does since I was ask to create a spec map along with a metallic.
  12. Hi, I wanted some advice about creating a high res model. I recently create several assets that will be part of a bigger project. My supervisor likes the models, but wants them to have a higher poly counts to push their new engine. To make a model high res I need to use the smooth option in Maya, correct? If so, I was told that the smoothing a model in Maya didn't transfer into any other program and just made unnecessary lines. And should I make a model high res before or after texturing? Working on a low res model would make it easier to texture, but when I do bump up the poly count, it could mess up the texture.   Any advice will be most helpful.
  13. HeroR

    Maya and Unity

    Do the same tasks they do to get the same result in your own copy of Unity (and their game or at least their shaders). If they have a custom exporter from Maya then use that. If they convert to FBX and load into Unity directly then do that. But again, it is useless for checking proper lighting results if you do not have their custom shaders in Unity. So you need to get their shaders somehow, be that via a copy of their whole game (which is overkill) or via a test model-viewing scene they should be able to provide you that uses their shaders. L. Spiro     They had no one who knew a thing about Maya, which was part of the trouble. I had to use 3D Max and relate that to Maya, which wasn't too bad since 3D Max and Maya are similar enough. I also had to do the conversion myself since even the obj files got corrupted for some reason. When they sent the files back to me they were corrected and I put them into Maya, although that was when major errors did happen.   Looking at your posts, it seems although I am new to game development and made plenty of mistakes I wasn't exactly set up for success either. Knowing what I do now, I should have insisted that they send me a copy (or let me replicate) what they did in Unity so I could truly see for myself what was happening.   Communication was a major issue. I went days without hearing back about my projects, leaving me little time to do repairs. But I think the biggest problem was that the person who is the overall boss (the person who wants the game made) isn't a game designer. He leaves the decisions of what can and cannot be used to the people who oversaw my work. So, I don't think it ever occur to him to send out the Unity models, although strangely no one ever ask for them. That would explain why the scene team had so many problems compared to everyone else.
  14. HeroR

    Maya and Unity

    If you are in their office then you need to walk up to their desks and have them show you. If not, as I said before, you need to tell them to be very clear and specific about what is wrong and how, necessarily including screenshots.  I would not accept any feedback at this stage without screenshots.   Again, I said to run it through their pipeline because they could have custom shaders in Unity or it could be their own conversion pipeline at fault.  Running it into Unity by yourself isn’t guaranteed to give you their results, so again I would force them to give you screenshots.     L. Spiro     They do use customs shaders. They were talking about them during our weekly meetings. And everything is online so I cannot walk into their office and have them show me what is wrong. They have showed me screen shots, but it was usually when something was extremely wrong, like my model turning to jags or a side disappearing. Also, sorry if I sound dumb, but when you say run it through their pipeline you mean their version of the game engine and not just Unity running on my computer.     My job is only modeling and unwrapping. Shading goes to a different team. The way it is set up, we have the modeling team, the texture team, and then the shaders. They used to have one team who did all of this, but divided it up into three to make things go faster and people were having trouble with their assignments. People were turning in their stuff late or errors occur.   I never put a fully texture model in Unity, so I don't know how it would look. Actually, I think I will try that now using one of my old models.
  15. HeroR

    Maya and Unity

    Wow, didn't expect so much response this time of night.   On my first projects, I knew what the errors were. On my third, I did put it into Unity and at least to my eyes it is fine, no errors messages or stuff like that. The only changes I see from Maya to Unity is that the faces have a diagonal lines where none were in Maya. Granted, some modification are needed, but I see nothing so broken that its glaring. The only major grip my boss gave me was that damage wasn't realistic, which I have been working on and he did say I was getting better before taking the project from me without telling me what happened, only that there were too many errors for it to be usable. And I never saw them put my assets in the game engine, this is all online with people from across the world, and they never gave me access to it. I know at first Maya's ma didn't translate well, kept turning my modelings into jaggies pieces of crap, before I turn them into fdx files. To my knowledge, they used a mix of Unity and 3D Max to look over my work before giving me feedback. I honestly don't know if the files got corrupted or I did something wrong in Maya.   I am novice, so I know I made (some times stupid) mistakes and correct them when it is told to me. Since I am still learning I knew growing pains were involve. But it feels like I am shooting in the dark since I have no clue how my stuff actually looks to them except in the screen shots they send me. I also never work at a company, this is my first game job, so I never figure I needed to see their game engine, only that they are using Unity 5. I can only check errors in Maya and using my version of Unity. Since I am just learning Unity, I don't know exactly what I am looking for unless it is painfully obvious that something is wrong.
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