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  1. andreialex

    Inside out object

    If someone  is having the same issue, try to disable AMD Gaming Evolved. I don't know why it does that, yet, but it fixes the issue for now.
  2. andreialex

    Inside out object

  3. andreialex

    Inside out object

    Sorry for not saying this.   I load the model before it enters the game loop. I also tryied with culling and setting the face to CW and CCW and the same effect occurs.   I don't do anything particular per frame, just calculating the viewMatrix and transformation matrix.   Also I created the app in Java with LWJGL ( latest version ).
  4. andreialex

    Inside out object

    I am having a weird issue and hoping if someone could give me a hint. When the application starts the object looks ok but after a few seconds they are inside out.   This is the normal behaivior. [attachment=31946:normal.PNG]   This happens after a few seconds when in game. [attachment=31945:error.PNG]   Thank you.
  5. andreialex

    DLL or Static Library

    Thank you both for the explanation.   I understood and for now I will make it a static library as I don't have that much experience in C/C++ and if I will defenetly want to make it in a DLL I will continue from there.
  6. andreialex

    DLL or Static Library

    Hello, As I am starting to create my basic engine I came across a little dilema. I am thinking to make the whole engine in a DLL ( with the other modules as static library that will be added in the DLL ) and inport that in the game. Is this a good practice or should I use other approach?
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