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  1. Thank you alot for the clarification. I have no problem with licenses and i think that i will not make any changes to Qt's source code (as long as it fits my needs).   Hope for not going crazy with some code implementation-defined for cross platform, i will try to implement it.
  2. Thanks, it's perfect for my purpose, i will try to study in depth Qt and implement it in my current engine.
  3.   Thanks for the hints! I want to use Qt, but i saw that it's not free. I don't want to make an open source project unfortunately.     $350/month.. no free alternatives?
  4. Basically i need to create an editor, i can't with Unity, (very simple Editor for showing 3d models and some little functions), this editor must works on Windows, Mac, Linux. I don't want a simple game engine to make this, i want to start from scratch (C++ - framework, or C++ - basic graphic engine) because i need to create an editor (canvas with 3d rendering + controls event driven non-realtime), multiple windows (like any Form).. For this i think that i need some things that allow me to: create windows, create a rendering context (3d) in a portion of my window, create Controls like table, data grid view (like any other Event driven forms of visual c# forms).   Something like this:   what approach and tools to use?
  5. Hi everybody, i have to create a 3d/2d editor with perspective/orthographic views, i need cross-platform, i was thinking at Unity 5 game engine, but i also need an integrated UI event-driven like Controls of Visual Studio forms (buttons, tables, gridview, textbox, progressbar, etc.).. basically i need Controls cross-platform + 1 or more canvas for rendering 3d (like any other editor) cross platform (Windows, Linux, MAC).   Which technology should I use?   Thanks in advance.
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