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    My art

    My first Art usually Random stuff
  2. Veejaye

    How do I begin?

    Thank you nfries88 and d4n1 for your vaulable advices I will look into the suggested ideas.
  3. Veejaye

    Games for People

    Thank you Nitewalkr for your opinion, I absolutely agree with the need for a game developer to earn (Heck, how will I eat?) but the Payment needs to be just a gateway or an optional choice. A game where making money off you is the sole point without making an effort to actually make the game useful to the player is unethical. If the game were immersive and tickled your braincells, or involved you in some sort of narrative or simply let you have fun It would definetly be better than forcing a player to buy content for which they already paid for or they dont want.  I'm not against developers earning but at least lets put some flair into our games so that games will earn the respect and income it deserves (for all the effort we put). 
  4. Veejaye

    Games for People

    Thank you alnite for your opinion, Perhaps it is necessary to immerse a player yes, but what I meant to stress on is the gambling factor even an MMO has certain things like progression and fun. A game should stress on the player to immerse themself in the world and in turn gain some insight on the real world around them. A game has to reward players for investment of effort (or money perhaps) but making payment a central focus of the game is a ethically wrong (I'm looking at you freemiums). If a player has invested their money in purchasing your game let them enjoy it instead of seeing more purchases,perhaps with a few shiny bells and baubles as optional purchases and the occasional Expansion (I loved the classic expansion pack style but DLCs are still great).
  5. Veejaye

    Games for People

    Today's Gaming industry as evolved well into a vast field : Indie developers, commercial organisations, hobbyists and more. It's come a long way from being a way to while the time away into a whole entertainment experience.  As this evolution keeps progressing more and ore people begin to play and develop games. It's naturally proven that games can influence the mindset of a gamer, many may say gaming makes people violent or narcissistic but in truth a game is a means to influence people into a state of mind to relate to a character they control. The responsibility of moulding society partially falls on developers as well.  A game that is developed (be it of any genre) allows the gamer to experience the character's emotions (be it a game character or an unseen force like in strategy or puzzles).It is important while we develop to utilise this powerful tool to improve people's lives. I do not mean to say that violent games are evil, rather games need to inspire people to believe in something. A warrior fights for a cause that he sees as just (Freedom/Country/Money).It's games that entice your mind into a gambling loop that are not helpful to people.    So when you begin conceptualising a game, please consider the effect you can make on the player and take maximum advantage of it to make a better society.    Games are a means to have fun lets not make it a routine but rather an experience.
  6. Veejaye

    How do I begin?

    I'm a College student from India, Bach. degree in engineering but I'm more interested to get into the gaming industry. I'm can do decent c++ code and design also I have a good level of creative writing and concepts. Is there a Diploma course I can take to get started? I'm Aiming for a Creative director type role . Also please recommend a simple 2d development platform that I can use for my first real game (prior projects were simple involving rpg maker,dark-radiant or MUGEN) Thanks in Advance! 
  7. Veejaye


    Thanks guys ,like WilmingtonHD I too am looking to enter the field, however I'm about to finish my bachelor's In Electronics and Communication Engineering. I have Decent image editing skills, coding with c++ and concept writing. 
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