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    Is there a market for 2d/ low end 3d games?

    3D is a better route for teams of people who have dedicated roles. I guess that's why Unity/ Unreal asset market is exploding with content.
  2. I'm a one person artist/ developer that wants to make a sellable game but I don't have the ability or the time to make content like modern animated models and audio. Only 2d and low end 3d is within my grasp. Is there a market for 2d or low end 3d games?
  3. wburton72

    Paradox 3D?

    Anyone use Paradox 3D? Is it any good?
  4. Any 3D modeling software that works with multitouch displays?
  5. I really want to make a video game but there are soo many software options available that I don't know what to choose. I want an engine that is fast, does not rely on big ides, has sellable graphics and an editor with basic terrain or a csg system for easy prototyping.
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