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  1. Mincoder

    Game pre-alpha testing needed.

    Pc version now working :)
  2. Mincoder

    Game pre-alpha testing needed.

    Ooooops I uploaded wrong file for the pc version sorry will be fixed in a few minuets thank you for notifying me! :)
  3. Hello!   I am a new developer making a small platforming game. It takes around 10-15 minutes to complete. I would like to have it pre-alpha tested. If you know a website that I can use for pre-alpha testing please reply to this topic with a link. If you want to beta test I will give you a link to the game here one for pc,mac.   Mac: https://www.dropbox.com/s/251klccrcwa8tlk/Bot%20build.app.zip?dl=0 PC: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ne7c6mklfpf71ik/The%20bot%20builders%20v0.0.1.zip?dl=0   Thank you.   Testing form: Name: Age: Favorite genre: Time to complete: Difficulty(1-10 scale): Quality of game(1-10 scale): Comments:
  4. If this is in the wrong section please tell me and i will not post similar questions in the game design section thank you.   What are the optimal fighting controls on pc? I mean of course you have the arrow keys or wasd keys but what keys are optimal for punches or kicks? For my game i need 3 keys if you have any idea what keys it should be please tell me.
  5. ok how could i miss that video i watch them a lot! Well thank you.
  6. A one vs one fighting-game like mortal combat.
  7. First if this is in the wrong section sorry I'm new here the last forum where i asked a similar question under the game-design tab it said it did not belong there.   What makes a fighting game fun and what can you do to make it fun? I am planning on making a fighting game so what at it's core is fun about fighting games and do you have some tips on how to highlight this element? Thank you for reading and more thank you if you answer.
  8. Mincoder

    Game Servers Hosting

    Cheapest plan att Interserver.net fits me very well. I am grateful for your help.
  9. Hello i wonder what hosts there are for official game servers. I know you can use dedicated however those are too expensive are there cheap ways to host your games official servers? They do not have to be so powerful.
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