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    Stackoverflow And Money

      The real salary you earn also depends on the value of your currency, quality of life in your country, country-wide inflationary/deflationary pressures,  local region expensiveness/inexpensiveness Vs taxation and generally purchasing power of your country (and including as mentioned in previous post various benefits from your company)    For example UK is a comparatively medium salary, high taxation country, but in return we enjoy free health care (NHS), fairly good public transportation, and relative low inflationary pressures. But then there is also huge regional differences- London and South east for instance is very expensive while as you go northwards it gets relatively cheaper.   So depending on all of the above your 25K could be equivalent to say 60k in the US (or may be equivalent to 15K :()   Independent of where I live I believe my skills and creativity would self-sell me to the appropriate level at the right time, but even in the worst case scenario that it doesn't - its not worth getting stressed about it, you would only work yourself up, age quicker and get more devalued   :wub:     Yes I know, that's why in my post said that 25K is a 'good' salary in spain for an IT engineer(mine was a 5-year career,  I think it's equivalent to a degree + master in europe, at least for other engineerings, computer science was always the black sheep of enginering in Spain so...who really knows,) with one year of experience. For now we have free health care, but spanish politians are trying really hard to fuck it with their budget reductions, and for taxes, well, I think Spain is one of the countries with more taxes, and living in Barcelona is not cheap.   @Frob, I was talking about the first post, not the graph which I didn't even see  :( . Btw, some tech companies still required to come to work with a suit, like Everis, mine too, but it's because I'm working for a prestigious law firm and..well, you know...lawyers with a 'classical' mind (sorry, I don't know a more appropiate term for this in english).   Well, at the end I was just surprised about the salaries in other countries, even if I already knew that are much higuer than in Spain.
  2. Elegarth

    Stackoverflow And Money

    Holy shit...I'm living in Spain and my salary is 25K(one year of experience as a :NET web developer), the worst is that this is a a good salary for a webdeveloper in spain...
  3.   Mm..sorry, but..android studio is just an IDE isn't it? Or I'm missing something? and about free version of unity probably has everything you need, or do you want to access to its source for some reason?
  4. EDIT: maybe I didn't understand the code, nevermind :/
  5.   Isn't it this why the android emulator is created for? (little offtopic, i've written the sentence correctly? I'm not a native speaker so I have some doubts :/)   With emulator not only you can test any API, but the performance offered by different models, you can select RAM, screen size, and more.   Initially API level as they already told you is not related with performance (I guess google made some improvements on performance but I seriously doubt that's the main reason for an API change). you can have a mobile with a 4 gb of RAM and android 2.3, while a low end mobile with android 5.0,  it doesn't matter, so yes, two mobiles with same API can have different performance, it depends on their hardware.   Different API should have different functions, some new class and another improvements, if you want to develop a game, frob give you probably the best link you can ever have, look which API is the most used and develop for it, it doesn't have any sense being limited for a level 10 API and below when it's only installed on the 4% of mobiles.
  6. Elegarth

    I want to make a game but i have no skill!

      Have you tried mod tools for dota 2?
  7. Elegarth

    How to make game like To The Moon?

      My answer will be short...learn RPG Maker and enjoy.
  8. Elegarth

    What do you think?

    pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com pond5.com  I'm sorry but it's extremely annoying
  9. well...as a spaniard, I don't even care about presidential elections in the states. Do you have some kind of circus there? don't worry, here is the same, after all, I belong to one of the most corrupted countries of the...first? world
  10. Elegarth

    Probably Ridiculously Cliche But...

      Well, basically what you're describing is a game based in dark heresy, so right now you would have a problem with the publisher of dark heresy game and the creator of the universe. And the creator, games workshop, is really picky with their licenses.   I always think about how awesome would be a rpg based in dark heresy universe, but for now we can only wait.
  11. Elegarth

    Best comment ever

    I wrote something like this a long time ago in a project...   //  Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn   The following code was something mankind should never read...
  12. Elegarth

    Should fanfic games be legal?

    if it's completely free,  write who is the original author and clearly state that is not a cannon story..why should i care about it? if it was me I would allow a non canonical sequel for one of my games, I would be flattered in fact!  I don't know if it's legal or illegal, I think it isn't... but the companies should be more open-minded with these things
  13.   If it's true....I wouldn't use it either.   Too limited, small screen, can't write anything (in a comfortable way),etc... if I wanted to develop an action rpg, I would do it in a laptop/desktop, never on mobile. Sorry :/     Just an idea...why don't yo use your app as something like a level designer for that kind of RPG? if you could load your resources to the app, put on the map easily thanks to the touch-screen, and when you are finished export to your original code...well...it's something that could be interesting isn't it?
  14.   This is a contradiction, if your job has the same value as an intern job, then your job has no value at all, but if your job is good enough to be much better than a trainee, then the company is not gonna hire a new person.   It's all about maths, it doesn't help I know but this is how it is.   One thing you should do is to ask if someone else was on the same situation as you and was hired at the end, one thing a lot of companies usually do here in Spain, is only to hire interns, when the internship is over they just hire another one, is your companie doing the same thing?    Besides, you should do some interviews, not only if your employee doesn't renew your contract, but to have more power in a possible negotiation for getting a raise.   Whatever you do, the most important thing is to ask for people who had the same situation as you, that's your best chance to know if you have some real possibility.
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