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  1. I am presently working on a strategic roleplaying game. and if you interested in assisting with art and animations let me know. WE are still working on the prologue mainly in order to get the peices for the game itself done
  2. still looking. what is the best way to discuss this more in depth
  3. i been trying to get in touch with you. so far unsure if that helped.
  4. I am still hoping you would be interested in my project. it's a strategic roleplaying game . it's a small project then a aaa mmorpg. but we are still eager to make it a think get in touch if intersted to learn more
  5. Hello i am working on the project Neo arcana a logical crisis. and we are preserntly in need of a second coder that can work with unity. as well as a 2d artist to help design the characters f or the game. If interested in either let me know   the game is a strategic roleplaying game. and we need to get the user interface and battle system in place. let me know if interested
  6. Well the project is in search for a 2d artist to do our characters. Interesting there been so much of interest but seems that interest has dabbed off. If you an 2d artist tht can help make sprites let me know
  7. Hello i am part of a team building a strategic roleplaying game. we are currently looking for a 2d artist to assist us with making sprites. and some concept art it's mostly focused around characters. if interested let me know
  8. You could alterantivly either go steam punk, sci-fi or post apoc with the cars. it has some promise but you need to have a world to drive in. yeah you could go the race track thingy . But mmo are more then fighting or racing or flying. its about creating groups and communitys so that needs to be in place. then you need to make sure the economic system is in place. or that gonna bite you in the ass
  9. 2d , i just don't think i will have the resourced availeble to get together a 3d game . at least as i understand it
  10. i am looking for people to help with making Neo arcana a logical crisis a reality. it's meant to be a strategic roleplaying game built using the unity engine. and while i can handle the story itself and such i need help with a coder and an artist to make this real.   I aim for a combat system similare  to fire emblem with story told through a visual novel style.  setting wil be an alternate1980's where urban legends are real and magic hides right under the surface. magic is part of everyday life here but in ways the common man isn't really aware of nor the dangers of such a thing.   i need an rtist to help with the 2d models needed, and possible for the story sequences as well.   Please get in touch if interested   
  11. I am looking for someone to assist with a strategi roleplaying game set in the 1980's in an alterante history setting.  it's inteded to be a 2d in the mold of fire emblem from a game technical perspective. let me know if interested to learn more
  12. Hello i am looking for a team to assist with building a tactical roleplaying game. something like disgaea but with a darker story. It would be a urban arcane setting in a alternate version of earth. A setting where it was through the  occult the second world war was won and not armies and the nuclear bomb. the idea is to use unity to p ut together a 2 dimensional game as 3d would just demand too much graphical power and i rather focus on the combat system. the story itself will be told through a visual novel style. and hopefully we can get a base setup for the main character. Get in touch if interested and i can give more details. any funds out of this would be shared amon those involved if we get to put this on steam. but mainly it is to tell a fun story   I am looking for someone who understands coding and hopefully a graphic designer.