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  1. Ahrakeen

    C# Programmer seeking Project

    If looking for a project i am working on a tactical roleplaying game. Something akin to disgaea or fire emblem. with a 2.5d graphics If interested in more information let me know
  2. Hi we are in the need for a 2d sprite artist and character designer, If interested let me know we are working on neo arcana a logical crisis. it's meant to be a urban fantasy with a hint to horror about secret organisations and paranormal beings that hides in the shadows of a typical city. Style wise we want something like sweet horror we want to play with the idea of sweet and cuddly. with a nature that is red in tooth and claw. sounds interesting? if you got questions please ask i and i will try to answer. the game itself will be mostly be a 2.5d while story will be more like visual novels
  3. Ahrakeen

    Neo arcana

    Hello we at the neo arcana project are now looking for a character and sprite artist. the game will be made in 2.5d so with that in mind we need someone to help design characters and monsters. Both as sprites to use in combat but also as a more drawn character for use in story scenes. If interested i would like to see some samples. We are working with something in the sweet horror style. And for the prologue it be important to get that nice happy satherday cartoon feel to it. Before things gets seriously real for the main game with a darker tone to it. If you think you can handle that let me know
  4. Ahrakeen

    REv share: Neo arcana Logical crisis

    Well i got one coder that has joined the team. i still hope i can get some people to help with the graphics and character design.
  5. Hello i am a game designer looking for a team to make my tactical rpg Mostly inspired by game wise similare to god wars. Only the story will be in an alternative earth where magic exist but is hidden. the governments dirty little secret so to say. Art style i am aiming for sweet horror something like Saturday cartoon of old with a horror streak to it. For this i need a couple of programmers to help with the combat and world map setup. I be needing some artists as well for character design and sprites. If interested let me know Characters will be based around card slots with core slots tied to character specific skills and abillities. and a secondary map for universal skills and items. combat will be turn based like god wars. There should also be a system for text adventurers for certain scenarios to give players more a idea of how the world is
  6. Ahrakeen

    leader/programmer/idea-concept guy

    Thoughts of doing this using the block chain? if so i belive i may an idea that should be doable within half a year with some potential. can help with writing and such
  7. As i understand you intend to make something along the lines of dark souls? That means you will have to set up several sub stories to weave in to the bigger whole. In that case you may want a second writer to help out. I also got some experiencw with game projects and can assist if that is needed
  8. If you want a second writer i can be of assistance as well. Let me know if interested
  9. Hello i am looking for a couple of coders to put together a tactical rpg game. something similare game system wise to disgaea or godwars. The setting will be urban fantasy I been trying to do this with unity but as a coder you have a better idea let me know I also be needing a couple of character artists for this. if so you need to make something within the genre of sweet horror since we want a mixture of the innocent of childrens cartoon and the kind of horror you may find in corpse party or the like. If interested let me know and i will try better explain the story. But the setting is based around two friends a girl and a boy that when attacked by strange wolves gets bestowed magic to defeat these wolves by a pixie gangster. The story will follow these as they try find the real source of these strange monsters and later on. learn something about the world itself. there will be magic, cultists , weird experiments, obsession, insanety and love
  10. PRogrammer needed, for either game maker or unreal. Need help putting together a turn based strategic combat system ala disgaea or trouble shooters. Also to help with user interface menus and world map We are putting together a game project over several chapters we got the graphics and design mostly done for the prologue but will need the code to make it work ultimately
  11. If you need a writer i belive i can be of assistance there. just need to get a better view of what exactly sort of story you intend to tell. yeah i get the persona angle and all that. which means urban fantasy but beyond that? look if you got discord let me know and we can talk this over. i got a few novels and short stories i've written in the past
  12. Hello am looking for a coder for a project. either using unreal or game maker. the idea is to set up a combat system turn based strategy. as well as a proper user interface for moving on a world map. home base and a card based equipment system
  13. Ahrakeen

    Developer seeking hobby projects

    If intestred in something of a more unreal project let me know. i am looking for coders to help make a user interface and a combat system that is to be strategic turn based.
  14. Hello My team is working on the game neo arcana a logical crisis. We are presently looking for coders to help with the user interface for it. as well as a working combat system the aim is to have a system where cards represent the skills and abillities of a character. each character wille have core cards that is the make up of what sort of character that is. then there will be other skills and abillities that can be shared among the party. the game itselfls is a strategic roleplayed game turn based. set in an alternate earth where magic is real but suppressed from the common people. And we want to use a combat system where a character gets one move and one action per turn. We are presently working with unreal but if you as a coder have a better idea we are at this stage able to switch engine So if interested in this project let me know
  15. no placeholders we got but we aim to finish the prologue now. for that we need the characters made. We need timmy child version roughly 12 years of age. we need maria bellatrix daughter of a with and timmy's best friend. of same age as timmy we need puk the faerie that bestows his powers upon timmy and maria. and is key to the prologue we need lord crimson a high faery who get's released near the end ofthe prologue we need office agents we need wolves we need giant frogs and lastly a fire elements. while we aim to use money for some of these if it works best. the named characters need to be designed as in the main game they will be adult versions and the main story will try find out what happened for real
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