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  1. Hi i am curious if you interested in helping wiht my project neo arcana a logical crisis. we need a 3d artist that can help with rigging. but i figure you better skilled then the one i got for monsters. so maybe help there as well? let me know and i will explain the project better
  2. Hi we at the neo arcana team are in search for a 3d artist to help with character rigging. We are getting closer to finishing our prologue but the workload means we need some help to get the character models ready. we sre using 3d models and while we can handle assets for the battle maps. we are having issues getting the characters rigged properly so we looking for someone to ease the work load Neo arcana is a urban fantasy game set as a strategic roleplaying game. using the orkframework as the basis for our game we are telling the story of timmy who ten years ago encountered faeries togethe with his best friend maria bellatrix. the events that where to happen would form the basis of his predicament and his quest to find her again as well as the truth of thoseevents ten years ago.
  3. Just give me some tasks

    WEell my team is in need one more 3d graphics person to help. in order to deal with the workflow we ned help with character rigging. we are making a strategic roleplaying game. in a urban arcana setting.
  4. it's a urban fantasy setting in an alternate earth. gameplay wise we are closer to disgaea but we be using a more toonish or cartoonish style of the art. so its a strategic roleplaying game. if you got questions i will do my best to answer
  5. Hi we are a growing team and are now in search for someone to assist with making monsters and generic mobs and such for the game. it's a strategic roleplaying game . similare to disgaea or children of the zodiac. while we have a developing art style we are ooking for something more cartoonish and less realistic. we are working with the orkframework package added to unity for the game. if intrested i be willing to tell you more
  6. Programmer looking for project

    I am looking for a programmer to help making the combat element's of neo arcana to work. We have three pre made systems that could fit. But we would appreciate having someone to make it fit with the visual novel element's. Pm for more info
  7. Neo arcana a logical crisis

    Figured a bit more information would be usefull. we got art and music down for this game mostly. what we need is a coder to help tie together visual novel with a tactical rpg combat system so we can start implementing the assets we have already made and the assets we will be making further on. we are presently working on getting the prologue done. Which will have quite a twist at the end of it. But at the outset it's the story of timmy and mary two young children who is approaching the end of their summer vacation when they get attacked by strange wolves and saved by the magical gifts of a faery. and the prologue will tell the story of this summer vacation and how it ended. the game itself which starts after these events will explain what happened after the twist at the end of the prologue
  8. Hello we are looking for a second coder to assit with our strategic roleplaying game. it's a unity based engine with the ORK framework. we hope to have someone help complete our prologue so we can turn this into a complete game. we are aiming for something close to children of zodiac or fire emblem. but heavily focused on magic and urban legends. main issue we are facing is getting the combat aspects in place and tie it together with a visual novel package we aim to fit with this
  9. Hello our project is slowly going forward and we are now looking for an animator. to make our designs to move inside the game it's a strategic roleplaying game. like disgaea, children of zodiarcs , fire emblem and so on. the maps and envirement is in 3d and we are using 2d models. but if you think you can make them 3d or have other ideas on how to solve our animation issues we are all for it
  10. 2D/3D Artist Seeking Team

    I am presently working on a strategic roleplaying game. and if you interested in assisting with art and animations let me know. WE are still working on the prologue mainly in order to get the peices for the game itself done
  11. Wanted a 2d artist and a second coder

    still looking. what is the best way to discuss this more in depth
  12. Wanted a 2d artist and a second coder

    i been trying to get in touch with you. so far unsure if that helped.
  13. I am still hoping you would be interested in my project. it's a strategic roleplaying game . it's a small project then a aaa mmorpg. but we are still eager to make it a think get in touch if intersted to learn more
  14. Hello i am working on the project Neo arcana a logical crisis. and we are preserntly in need of a second coder that can work with unity. as well as a 2d artist to help design the characters f or the game. If interested in either let me know   the game is a strategic roleplaying game. and we need to get the user interface and battle system in place. let me know if interested
  15. Well the project is in search for a 2d artist to do our characters. Interesting there been so much of interest but seems that interest has dabbed off. If you an 2d artist tht can help make sprites let me know