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  1. PRogrammer needed, for either game maker or unreal. Need help putting together a turn based strategic combat system ala disgaea or trouble shooters. Also to help with user interface menus and world map We are putting together a game project over several chapters we got the graphics and design mostly done for the prologue but will need the code to make it work ultimately
  2. If you need a writer i belive i can be of assistance there. just need to get a better view of what exactly sort of story you intend to tell. yeah i get the persona angle and all that. which means urban fantasy but beyond that? look if you got discord let me know and we can talk this over. i got a few novels and short stories i've written in the past
  3. Hello am looking for a coder for a project. either using unreal or game maker. the idea is to set up a combat system turn based strategy. as well as a proper user interface for moving on a world map. home base and a card based equipment system
  4. Ahrakeen

    Developer seeking hobby projects

    If intestred in something of a more unreal project let me know. i am looking for coders to help make a user interface and a combat system that is to be strategic turn based.
  5. Hello My team is working on the game neo arcana a logical crisis. We are presently looking for coders to help with the user interface for it. as well as a working combat system the aim is to have a system where cards represent the skills and abillities of a character. each character wille have core cards that is the make up of what sort of character that is. then there will be other skills and abillities that can be shared among the party. the game itselfls is a strategic roleplayed game turn based. set in an alternate earth where magic is real but suppressed from the common people. And we want to use a combat system where a character gets one move and one action per turn. We are presently working with unreal but if you as a coder have a better idea we are at this stage able to switch engine So if interested in this project let me know
  6. no placeholders we got but we aim to finish the prologue now. for that we need the characters made. We need timmy child version roughly 12 years of age. we need maria bellatrix daughter of a with and timmy's best friend. of same age as timmy we need puk the faerie that bestows his powers upon timmy and maria. and is key to the prologue we need lord crimson a high faery who get's released near the end ofthe prologue we need office agents we need wolves we need giant frogs and lastly a fire elements. while we aim to use money for some of these if it works best. the named characters need to be designed as in the main game they will be adult versions and the main story will try find out what happened for real
  7. we are working with 3d characters and map design. we will use 2d images for the story sequencets where it fits. like in a visual novel. th story itself is heavily involved with the occult and the hidden darkness of acity in the 1980's we got some art drafts done most are just written documents. we aim to make something closer to disgaea or hard west in terms of gameplay. if interested i will wite up the prologue story we working on. either here or as a pm
  8. What we are looking for is someone to assist with characters and monster design. we are going moore toonish or anime in design but the main idea is to show a slightly disturbed view of things. as the cast is almost all monsters of some kind, urban legends come to legends, werewolves and vampires. this could be fun challenge if interested
  9. Hello our team aare making the game Neo arcana a logical crisis. and w are presently searching for some graphics people to help with the models for the game. we are using the setting of urban arcana and the game will be a strategic roleplaying game. in so we are in need of help with the graphics. if you interested to aiding us with your skills let us know. we are presently working on the prologue with the aim of finishing the story of some of the things that happened back then. to set up the story for the main game itself where tim is now trying to regainw hat he has lost back then. And manuever in the strange world that is hidden beneath the surface of the city. We aim with the prologue done turning it into a demo to get funding . so i hope to get more help with this.
  10. Hi i am curious if you interested in helping wiht my project neo arcana a logical crisis. we need a 3d artist that can help with rigging. but i figure you better skilled then the one i got for monsters. so maybe help there as well? let me know and i will explain the project better
  11. Hi we at the neo arcana team are in search for a 3d artist to help with character rigging. We are getting closer to finishing our prologue but the workload means we need some help to get the character models ready. we sre using 3d models and while we can handle assets for the battle maps. we are having issues getting the characters rigged properly so we looking for someone to ease the work load Neo arcana is a urban fantasy game set as a strategic roleplaying game. using the orkframework as the basis for our game we are telling the story of timmy who ten years ago encountered faeries togethe with his best friend maria bellatrix. the events that where to happen would form the basis of his predicament and his quest to find her again as well as the truth of thoseevents ten years ago.
  12. Ahrakeen

    Just give me some tasks

    WEell my team is in need one more 3d graphics person to help. in order to deal with the workflow we ned help with character rigging. we are making a strategic roleplaying game. in a urban arcana setting.
  13. it's a urban fantasy setting in an alternate earth. gameplay wise we are closer to disgaea but we be using a more toonish or cartoonish style of the art. so its a strategic roleplaying game. if you got questions i will do my best to answer
  14. Hi we are a growing team and are now in search for someone to assist with making monsters and generic mobs and such for the game. it's a strategic roleplaying game . similare to disgaea or children of the zodiac. while we have a developing art style we are ooking for something more cartoonish and less realistic. we are working with the orkframework package added to unity for the game. if intrested i be willing to tell you more
  15. Ahrakeen

    Programmer looking for project

    I am looking for a programmer to help making the combat element's of neo arcana to work. We have three pre made systems that could fit. But we would appreciate having someone to make it fit with the visual novel element's. Pm for more info
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