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  1. KarimIOAH

    3D Spherical Harmonics and Lightmaps

    Oh alright, I get what you're talking about, but it took me until halfway through the paragraph It's also required for normal mapping, though, right? But my confusion is what it has to do with specular specifically, and glossy surfaces at all. Dammit. I was looking forward to programming the SH solution until now So far I'm not using a tile- or cluster- based deferred solution, just basic deferred rendering, so the first suggestion would be further down the line. I can't see the second suggestion working on anything with little tessellation. The third suggestion sounds very restrictive, and one of the main reasons we abandoned Forward lighting in general. The last suggestion is also quite restrictive, as I don't want to be reliant on uniform probe grids. But it's probably the suggestion I'll try until I can get the first one working.
  2. KarimIOAH

    3D Spherical Harmonics and Lightmaps

    Sorry for the late reply! Fair enough, I'll try break down the granularity of choice to your level. I'll look into it eventually. I'm sorry to say I haven't played The Order or Lone Echo (Don't have a Playstation for the former, and I'm pretty broke either way :P), but I'm pretty sure The Order doesn't have much requirements for area lights given its setting. I'm hoping to generalize my engine a bit so I'll probably want to handle it eventually, but it's not a priority right now. I'm not sure I agree with this method, though I haven't tried it out, so I can't say that much about it. I don't get what you mean by this. Specular Irradiance is very rarely handled in lightmaps as far as I'm aware, I don't really see a point to this. Sounsd quite interesting! I recently found a Call of Duty paper breaking down their use of hemispheres in lightmaps (among other things), so I'll check out all these sources a bit later, when I've actually got a preliminary lightmap working. Very good point I haven't considered. ------- On a separate note, there's one thing I can't figure out. How can I use multiple irradiance probes (SH) on a single mesh? Do I have to pass an static-sized-array of SH primitives? I'm worried that'll take up far too much memory.
  3. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    It sounds like a quad-tree model essentially, but with a lower bound, if that makes sense I think it would make sense. CPU tessellation for the low-frequency and GPU tessellation for the high-frequency data. EDIT: Also, I'm still wondering how that compares to geoclipmapping
  4. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    One more thing, how do Geoclipmapping and Chunked LOD / Quad-trees compare nowadays? Which is a better option?
  5. KarimIOAH

    3D Spherical Harmonics and Lightmaps

    I don't think you'll be saving much with SG, considering you still need to include the direction. Anyhoo, you were right, I just got confused I'm actually working on something else so I didn't get my facts straight, but yeah, SSAO/Cubemaps for indirect specular, SH for indirect diffuse, maybe with an option for lightmaps instead. Maybe in addition, some options for dynamic indirect diffuse to be calculated, whether through voxel-GI or otherwise. Thanks, JoeJ!
  6. KarimIOAH

    3D Spherical Harmonics and Lightmaps

    Makes sense. The only annoying bit is that I think you'll store half the information aiming into the texel rather than away from it, which seems like a waste. Well all of realtime CGI is hacks But what do you mean more specifically? Do you see any problems with it? Well, you've got both diffuse and specular, each based off direct and indirect light. For specular, I want to handle direct with SSAO + Cubemaps, and ambient with SH. Because low-res cubemaps aren't very good for ambient.
  7. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to the next vids!
  8. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    Hahaha I was referring to an FFT water video series, but I realized that is from the OreonEngine YouTube channel My mistake! Either way I do follow your videos! For water it could be raytracing, but for terrain, as I thought the suggestion was for, it'd be ray-marching. Also are you suggesting the reprojected grid water only for GPUs without tessellation, or including those with it? Are there benefits to the regular tessellation method aside from the shimmering? And if I do use regular tessellation, would geomipmapping make sense? I was referring to adding "holes" in the heightmap, and then doing the caves separately (whether voxel-based or mesh-based).
  9. KarimIOAH

    3D Spherical Harmonics and Lightmaps

    But then this isn't a lightmap, this is just SH projected onto surfaces Yeah I was specifically talking about irradiance, or indirect light. Okay so this kinda does answer my major part of the question. My current plan is to use: CSM + Regular Shadow Maps for direct light shadows, normal-mapped lightmap (Valve's technique, but with only two targets: ambient color and direction) for indirect diffuse for static geometry, SH for indirect specular on all geometry + indirect diffuse on dynamic geometry, "The Last Of Us"'s occluders for indirect dynamic shadows, and parallax cubemaps, planar reflections, and SSAO for direct specular (planar reflections being mostly used for water). I just want to verify that these techniques are reasonable and won't cause issues. I saw this, but from what I understand, spherical gaussians are just broken down SH (where directions are not intrinsically calculated, rather they're provided). They don't seem to be much of a solution.
  10. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    @turanszkij I was actually considering checking your YouTube videos to see how you did the water hahaha But regarding the reprojected grid, I see a few questions with this (I'll still check it out, though): 1) If I want to have the terrain blend with other meshes (caves, stones, etc), won't this be an issue? 2) I want to be able to have the actual terrain textures also have displacement maps. Could this be an issue? 3) Why isn't this a popular technique now? 4) Isn't this essentially ray-marching but with vertices? Surely this will be quite costly.
  11. KarimIOAH

    3D Modern Terrain and Water Geometry

    Raymarching for terrain sounds pretty damn expensive, so I'll stick with actual geometry
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