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  1. EtheralFox

    "Funky Groove" a new jazz/funk hybrid song by me...

    Sounds pretty dang good, would be great lobby music :D
  2. EtheralFox

    Creating SFX

    SFX can be fun, although if using a mic I always seem to pick up a random or disturbing background noise, my advice is never record in a hotel...
  3. Honestly sounds great, makes me interested as the kind of game it goes to though. The instruments are great, gives it a mysterious kind of effect. I'm thinking this would be great for a Puzzle game :3 cheers on the work.
  4. Working on a few games, Ethereal realm and a little project called Crab Quest, stuck on ideas for em :I
  5. EtheralFox

    Learning Game Design... how?

    I started designing by the suggestion of my friend, through friends I learn how to pixelate, I also browse deviantart and look at 1000's of examples and designs. I toy around on paint and photoshop until I  get the images just right. I have been doing this for about 3 years and polished my style with years of testing and practice, although I'm sure a book or two would've helped.
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