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  1. Eyal Solnik

    Developing a board game

    Thank you, I really appricate your help.
  2. Eyal Solnik

    Developing a board game

    Okay, now it makes more sense!   I kinda hoped to start with C++ again haha...   Well, I thought about it some more so I decided that because I'm going to start with Android and for a first project I don't want to overwhelm myself with cross-platform development just yet I'll follow your advice and see how it works with Java and I'll also try Unity and see whether this fits me.   Can you suggest any good games engines for Java development?
  3. Eyal Solnik

    Developing a board game

    Thank you for your valuable input mate. ;)
  4. Eyal Solnik

    Developing a board game

    Yeah I know about these but I don't think that I can produce something useful, I'm not that creative when it comes down to graphics as opposed to programming. :)   Can you be more specific about it? I'm certainly not a hobbyist, I'm a CS student.   Lack of knowledge is not a problem, I think I can handle most "problems" and if not I can always ask here. :)   My rich programming experience comes mostly from writing desktop and web applications on various platforms and many languages over many years of development, I don't know whether it's going to help me directly with designing and implementing the game but it's something.   Well, I've been developing enough on both languages and in my opinion to say that they are basically the same is very wrong on many levels, yes they share some similarities in symtax but the way they work is different, the envrionment is different, their language philosophy is very different so I dunno why they "basically" the same but each person entitled to his own opinion. :)   Just to give an analogy here just because English uses Latin letters doesn't mean it's Latin.   Can't I use C++ to write the core of the game and then use Java for the UI? does this work? are there any challenges with this approach on mobile or/and game development? I think you're overreacting here, aren't you? you keep on saying that it's worst option, I get it but is it really that bad?   Bear in mind that as a student I don't have money to spend on Unity license and fancy tech but I have time that I can definitely invest! ;)   Unity is free for non-commercial but what if I want to go farther with this project? I'd have to pay them and lock myself to Unity.   Going back to C++ can be fun! so it's not really the worst option for me.
  5. Eyal Solnik

    Developing a board game

    Wow! guys thank you so much for sharing, I'll try some of the things here and reply back when I'll have more questions to ask. ;)   BTW, I read about Cocos, can anyone share an opinion about that?
  6. I would like to create a board game for mobile devices. I have no knowledge whatsoever on game development and what platform as well as engine is the best for these kind of things especially board games. I don't have much details about the game itself and because of this I don't really know what engine fits the best to the game, I don't even know whether I want to make it 2D or 3D but I prefer 3D. My programming knowledge is very rich. I know the following languages: C#, JavaScript/TypeScript, Lua, Java, C++. My comfort zone is C# because it was the language I used most for the last 12 years but my background goes back to Pascal and C++ so I can pick on any language and platform. I want to start developing the game for Android and then gradually support more platforms/devices. My questions are as follow: What is the best way to prototype games? what acceptable methods are used? what are your own methods to do that? I'm not a graphic designer or anything close so how do I create the graphic assets of the game like the board and all the different objects? is there a way to make this process "easier" for a programmer? I know about Unity but for a single developer that just starting is it a good choice? What are the benefits of using C++ in short-run and long-run? are there any challenges? my C++ is not that great but I definitely look for a fun project to improve it and this might be a good one to do it. :)
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