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  1. Calinabris

    Day 7 - Final journal entry

    Wow, level 3 was harder then I want to admit. Somehow I missed that you could get to the plant on the other side of that pillar. Gameplay was easy to understand and straight forward.   The look and feel of the art was good, nice and gloomy but not over bearing. The first picture with death was a good way of portraying that the game isn't about death and destruction.
  2. Calinabris

    Day 7: Finished?

    I really liked the music for this game. The gameplay worked well too, although how do you lose? Just not get a high score?   You did say “press space” instead of “enter” which took me a while to get the game started. And the difficulty didn't really ramp up, although trying to get a higher score could be one.
  3. Calinabris

    Day 7

    That was pretty fun. I really liked the last level and the progression of its' difficulty. The game was a little short imo, but that is to be expected with such a short time limit.   I kept getting worried I would run out of the suicide bottles. So after I beat the game I tried running out of them to see what would happen. Anyway since they reload with 3 I decided to die in the tube to test that out. The guy gets stuck in there with no way out lol.
  4. Calinabris

    Day 6: UI, Tutorial and a Demo!

    Pretty fun game. I got to the point of the archers. The challenge seemed just right and was pretty interesting to keep playing on.   I liked the concept as well, and that perma death happened while you were “dead” trying to collect more mana. Also the hearts with the silver outline for the spirit health was a really good idea.   My one critique is that the instruction are behind the npcs and I couldn't see that I needed to die until after a while.
  5. Calinabris

    CodeMus Team: The Week of Awesome Day 7

    http://i.imgur.com/NGB9s6O.png I got that far, but wasn't sure what to do next.   I'm sorry to hear that you aren't satisfied with the results but hopefully you learned a lot with the project.
  6. Calinabris

    Last Entry?

    Score was 179 (actually 600+ once I remembered the right click) last I checked, lasted a bit after that but there's no loss screen to show my final score :(   I didn't read the part on holding left to shoot, and kept clicking the first time around. Game was really really hard that way, and sometimes the turret wouldn't shoot.   The explanation screen was easy to understand (even if I don't read/ remember well).   I didn't like that the cows exploded the same way when hitting the planet as the do when shot, it's satisfying for a player to know when they shot the enemy at the last second, and not just be left wondering if they got them or not.   A side note, I noticed that the cows spawn the same way after you use right click, maybe put some randoms in there :P
  7. Calinabris

    Postmortem for Soulwielder

      That's a problem for a lot of people. I usually under estimate how long it will take me to do stuff like geting the UI, start screen, loss screen, menu, and then writing the code for that, isn't hard but still takes too much time for how simple is.
  8. Calinabris

    Postmortem for Soulwielder

    I couldn't get past the jump and dash in the tutorial, tried for 10minutes but kept hitting the top of the wall.
  9. Calinabris

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

      I only noticed the weapon stamina thing. I also did get trapped in that infinite death loop as well and thought it was a bug, maybe have death appear and mock you for going easy after choosing the hard chest? and then have the play able to escape the loop after, I don't want to restart the game :).  
  10. Calinabris

    How this community helped me save my project

    Hero of allacross is the game you're talking about right? Thanks for the post, I've been apprehensive myself about finding help for my own projects. http://www.gamedev.net/topic/670371-hero-of-allacrost-2d-rpg-release-and-gameplay-video/#entry5242683
  11. Calinabris

    Week Of Awesome III - The Afterparty/judging thread!

    Ouch I didn't miss my entry by posting in the other thread did I? here's my game.   GAME DL to play in your browser. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47wx4w4ss1sxd1p/AACQX6ZyYGsEdaGFTGhSeRwia?dl=0 Play in your browser. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/334640871/GameBuild_2/GameBuild_2.html   and my journal I will update it tomorrow (now later today) http://www.gamedev.net/blog/2109/entry-2261463-journal-3-post-development-post/
  12. Calinabris

    Week of Awesome III - The competition Thread

    GAME DL to play in your browser. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47wx4w4ss1sxd1p/AACQX6ZyYGsEdaGFTGhSeRwia?dl=0 Play in your browser. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/334640871/GameBuild_2/GameBuild_2.html   and my journal I will update it tomorrow http://www.gamedev.net/blog/2109/entry-2261463-journal-3-post-development-post/   known bug in my game, apparently turning distorts the colliders so you might eat food without moving over it, if it is in the general area when you turn. Got 50 minutes to fix, but dunno if I can in time.   Also in one of my journals I stated that I made music for my game, that is true, but it is not in game, the export outta LMMS for some reason really changed the sound, and so I found out something is messing up the playback in LMMS (I opened other peoples free files and had the same problem) and the true sound is played after export. So notes now sounded off and terrible, I tried recording straight from my speakers but there is too much static in the background. I am now using a music clip I had made for another game of mine a while back.
  13. Calinabris

    Journal 3. Post Development post

    GAME DL to play in your browser. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/47wx4w4ss1sxd1p/AACQX6ZyYGsEdaGFTGhSeRwia?dl=0 Play in your browser. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/334640871/GameBuild_2/GameBuild_2.html Post mortem Programs used. -Unity3d 4.6 -Photoshop -Maya LT -SFXR -LMMS (Kinda, music broke) things I coulda done better/took too long on -3D Spent a couple of hours on the broccoli when I spent about 10 - 15 minutes on every other model (my reasoning for why that was okay, since I gave myself 10hours for modeling). About an hour for the snake's head which was fine but I also spent 3 - 4hrs of time on a 3d rat that I didn't use since it just wasn't working out. Even though I didn't go over the time I gave myself I coulda skipped the rat and taken less time on the broccoli, and increased the programming/polish time. -Rat drawings Was going to do some original ones but I did spend a bit of time drawing them from pictures so I just scanned and cleaned those for use. -LMMS/music Wasted a whole day. I really don't know what happened but I gotta reinstall now. For some reason what I hear when I play a sound in lmms isn't what the sound will be when exported. It's not just the file I was working on as any other project I opened had the same problem. Something is effecting the pitch and speed of notes but just fixing the length in audacity doesn't do it fully, so something else is also the problem. Recording straight from the editor with a microphone also creates too much static. So I just used a song I had made for my first game. -Tiles I wish I had better clarity of what food type was what, as well a clarity for what tiles could be matched. I'll have to think of a way later. Maybe have the food take up more space on the square, so then I could leave the tile colors the same depending on food type. I originally had the tiles the same color but scanning the screen for matching tiles was too hard. -I like what I did for the food with having a glow, but I dunno if I would use it in a phone since resources are important, although I need to learn how to profile and optimize to know what should be dropped first. I did that to differentiate the food from the tiles better since they were blending into the background. known bugs -when turning the snake sometimes eats food that isn't near it. Future plans I plan to make this game into a mobile game and maybe browser. I also want to turn this into a game about nutritional information and leave out the whole pharmaceutical thing or I might make two versions. Either way I want to show the effects of different nutritional imbalances. Some features I want to add is a way to combine two different tile types, but have the combine work only if there is the two types. Like combining Vitamin C with iron, but not have only Vit C or only Iron be combinable. But before I do any of that I have to finish reworking the art assets (I could use ideas) in my first mobile game Vincible, then advertise. **EDIT** wow, dunno how I missed it but another bug is that the ratios keep getting higher and eventually will max out. which is odd since when the food is eaten I have in my script if copper is eaten. copperScrollbar.size += .05f; zincScrollbar.size -= .05f; and the opposite if zinc is eaten. Also, I want to add in something to check to make sure matches are possible or rearrange the tiles if not.
  14. Calinabris

    Journal entry two.

    http://i.imgur.com/tE6TlM9.jpg -Changing some art (color on background of tiles to prevent matching confusion). and adding a material to the food (that pink dot you see). as well as a texture for the snake, and images on the red and black square.
  15. Calinabris

    Journal for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday

    hey, lets continue this conversation after the competition, its a good one but I don't want to distract myself too much from creating the game.
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