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  1. Yes, I read about that too. But I also think that my little game won't be that critical performance wise :) Anyways, thanks, then I might go that way
  2. I just meant that I would/could encode the data via UDP package that way, like sending a string "playerId=01&posX=-333&posY=47"
  3. Indeed a http post-like protocol could fit my needs :) Thanks
  4. So question is basically in the topic title.   In a pong game I would send e.g the following: Player1/2 x-/y-Pos Ball Pos   Luckily SFML already knows that these values in the packages are float numbers e.g. .   Question is: If it would be a byte stream only, how shall the receiver know that it is a float number? Putting some kind of identifier in it as a prefix?   And let's say there are 6 Players and 3 NPCs, every player is able to collect items. So I have to send the positions every single tick and in case someone collects an item than this information too.    But how do I encode it into a datastream? Like player2 collected weapon1. What Data would you send to your server? Some kind of code?     Like: std::string message = "Something to tell that player2 collected weapon1"; sf::Packet packet; packet << message; socket.send(packet, recipient, port);
  5. Hi guys,   I got the following working atm:   C++ Game using SFML. Multiple players can connect, if they press W/A/S/D the new coordinate will be send to a specific IP address (will be the server) via UDP. The server broadcasts the coordinates of all players at specific times.   Question is:   I want to save e.g. where a player logged of. I guess I could send a package with playername, X, Y when he disconnects. But what then? Do I save the received information into a database on the server and as soon as he logs in he gets the information back?   Second: All of my things work well for my little 2D game with a few persons. But imagine some sort of enemy, unlocked weapons etc. All this information has to be send via UDP, isnt that a hell of a data stream? Of course most of it has to be send one time per new player and session in general, but still.   Do you know any resources where I can learn how to save data on a gameserver and send them well? Or maybe even books about networking if that helps. Multiplayer in general is new to me   (And offtopic: What happens if someone just bombards the server udp port with thousands of 0's or other useless data?)
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