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    A request for advice

      Don't worry about it. Your theory about a vague title getting somebody interested is probably not accurate, but there's nothing really wrong with the thread title or content and the user who chastised you had no business doing so (I've removed the post).   Thanks :)
  2. Shorai

    A request for advice

    Yes, use what you know and focus on learning the new skills required for game development. Ignore your teacher here: you're not going to be writing a widely-distributed AAA game for your first few attempts. GO for the PC. You have one (9 points), you're most familiar with it so you can focus on learning the new skills required for game development (another 9 points) and most of your friends and family you're going to show off to have one (3 points). Focus on the game programming first, and don;t set your expectations too high for your first few games. I'm not saying don't set you expectations high, I'm saying make your first goal a small simple game (say, Breakout, Pong, Tetris), then move on You're going to know it's time to move on to something like C# and Unity when you can no longer do what you want using the tools you know to do the bugger stuff. By then, you'll already have a fundamental understanding of things like the game loop, asset management, and so forth.   First of all ty for the anwsers and suggestions. My expectations i believe are realistic when it comes to my first few creations however i do think it might be more benificial for me to focus on something that is more up and coming. I can always see if i can import any animations i make in flash into unity. There are probably multiple ways to do that.   I will definitly go for PC the points you made make absolute sense :)   If i notice that i'm way over my head with Unity despite all the guides then i will scale back and lower my expectations further until i am able to create Something that works no matter how ugly.
  3. Shorai

    A request for advice

    Yes, use what you know and focus on learning the new skills required for game development. Ignore your teacher here: you're not going to be writing a widely-distributed AAA game for your first few attempts.   On the other hand, he says he also knows HTML5. While HTML5 isn't fully supported yet, increasingly the industry is trying to support it. While Flash isn't fully dead yet, increasingly the industry is trying to move away from it. And Javascript is here to stay for the foreseeable future.   I fully agree with the "use what you know", but if you already know a little of both, and are wondering what to invest more time in, you might as well invest more in what seems to be coming up rather than in what seems to be dying down. You're right that regardless of what he chooses, it won't be wasted effort, because the language-agnostic skills he'll learn is more valuable than the language-specific knowledge he'd learn.   But I ain't a web developer (just a C++ desktop programmer), so take that with a grain of salt.    I will try to develop a small game with Unity using the abundance of step by step guides online. If i feel that I'm way over my head i can always scale down or try something else.
  4. Shorai

    A request for advice

    No i have not taken a look at webgl but in about 5 minutes i will :) thank you for the suggestion
  5. Shorai

    A request for advice

    Sorry about the vagueness, 2 excuses for that: 1.because i am asking 3 seperate questions which all add up to asking advice. 2.A vague titel might get someone intrested enough to view and respond.   Again sorry for annoying you :/ i'll make sure to be more accurate next for next topics.
  6. Shorai

    A request for advice

    Thanks! just what i needed to know. I will get myself unit and follow some intresting guides that explain what i want to build.   the sooner i get started with C# and Unity, the sooner i can bang my head against a wall and learn from my mistakes :)
  7. Hi,   I'm a student currently learning web development and design. I have learned a bit of JavaScript, HTML5, Flash and next semester i will be taking a look at PHP and Sql.   However my passion has always been videogames and I have decided to learn how to build one.   I have read the FAQ for beginners on this site and it anwsered most of my questions but i would like to get some advice from experienced developers if possible.   My goal is to create a 2D turn based RPG similar (and inspired by) http://armorgames.com/play/505/sonny. I do not expect my first creation to be anything worth uploading but simply something that works and allowes me to learn more about programming/design/development along the way.   1st Question: Do i use Flash and Javascript for my first creation or go straight for Unity and C# ? This questions stems from my teacher saying Flash is basically dead.   2nd Question: What platform do i aim for ? do i go for the mobile devices such as android or do i go for my initial choice which is pc (and eventually make a game enjoyable enough to upload to kongregate/newgrounds/armorgames to get feedback).   3d Question: Do you have any advice you could give to a greenhorn who has never actually made a game? are my expectations unrealistic? should i focus on the programming languages first instead of trying to do both?   The community on this site seemed like the right people to ask in the meantime i will be looking for more information myself. I'm aware that i could probably find the anwsers to my questions if i dig deep enough i'm just hoping this thread doesn't get closed bc it remindes you of how you started   ty in advance
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