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  1. I like the Sphere/Cone check idea. It would be possible to build in target preferences per weapon type. Thanks for the replies, this helps me look in the right direction!
  2. Hi everybody,   I'm about to start work on a 3D top-down shooter / tower defense game. One of the elements I want to have in the game is some vertical mobility, i.e. different height levels the game entities can climb up to or jump off, and eventually also flying enemies and flying player characters. I however have no idea how to best handle this in a way that doesn't make shooting an aiming weird.   Now when I look at how other 3D top-down shooters handles this... they mostly don't. From what I've seen 99% of 3D top-down shooters just keep everything on one plane so the game only has to handle aiming in the horizontal sense. The two exceptions I know off are AirMech and Running with rifles. AirMech sorta cheats by having a lower plane and a higher plane of combat, with a button to change whether your shots hit things in the lower or in the higher plane. I don't like how this feels when playing the game and I don't want to use it for my own design.   Running with Rifles has a system that interests me more, in that shooting at targets on higher ground happens automatically when aiming in their general direction. The best thing about it is that it is seamless, you just aim and shoot, and it works. However, I don't know how well RwR's system works with moving or flying targets, especially flying and moving targets with ground targets running underneath. Would this system still work? Or would it end up failing to properly hit the higher moving targets at all and just be frustrating?     Does anyone have thoughts on how this can be done, how Running with Rifles does this, and what might work for me?   [edit] I forgot to mention: Running with Rifles uses hitscan for most weapons which eliminates from of the aiming weirdness. I want to use ballistic trajectories for all weapons which will probably exacerbate the issues with hitting higher moving targets.
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