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  1. It's a nice effort for a first game! I would recommend a few things. "Poison apples" in the game would be cool. They could randomly drop from time to time and perhaps the players job is to avoid catching them, if they do then maybe it could make the box shrink for 10 seconds or something like that. A progression mode would be cool. Where the tree starts small and not many apples fall. Then as you're playing the tree keeps growing and more and more apples fall. The sliding movement of the box is very linear, it could be nice if it had a tiny bit of tweening so when you move the box sideways it has a very slight rubber banding effect. Or maybe when the player moves the box it moves at a slower rate to start with and goes faster the further across they move it. I'm only talking very very subtle changes but they would make the movement feel a lot nicer. The design could be tweaked so there is contrast between the main background and the tree/apples/box. You could try making subtle changes to the background, playing with blur, saturation, brightness, that sort of thing, to give a bit of contrast. Look at Angry Birds original game as a good example, their background had a slight bit of blur and lighter colours whereas the foreground of the birds and objects have crisp edges and striking colours. It's only subtle but makes a big difference. I think your game would benefit from that. Also; is there no sound in the game? There isn't in the preview video, would definitely benefit from some really nice sounds. Hope that helps
  2. satchgames

    It's here, but can you find it? - an Android puzzle game

    This is really cool, I like the simple style. The way the puzzles have a lot of variety is a big plus in my opinion. Some of your photos in the Google Play Store listing perhaps don't do it justice though. Rather than plain screenshots I think it would be better if they were device pics containing the app, in the same way Snapchat do it and lots of other developers. If you look at Snapchat's preview pics in Google Play you'll see what I mean. The reason I say it is because your game has the white background it makes the preview pictures in the Google Play store look boring, but if the preview images have a strong coloured background and the game on a device it will look a lot better and more appealing as long as it's designed nicely.
  3. satchgames

    Should I use an engine or learn a programming language?

    Having tried a few engines I also think it matters which engine you use. Unfortunately it took me a couple of years to realise that because when I started I didn't give each one at least a demo run for a few hours. Different people will prefer different ones. I expect it's the same with learning language so don't be afraid to try a few things before you settle on what path to take.
  4. satchgames

    New Game! League of Slots: Zombie Target

    The graphics look nice.   It is a bit confusing though as to who its targetted at, obviously its a slots game but has arcade graphics, so would people who like arcade games also like it? I only ask because I like arcade games but not casino games so just wondering whether it is a worth a try :)
  5. satchgames

    Star Boss on green light

    Looks not bad for a first effort.    I think your main logo image (as posted in this post and on steam) needs redoing as it looks strange with the pixel text, but then non-pixel art. Doesnt look professional at all.   Would this game be free on Steam, if not how much would you charge?
  6. satchgames

    Vicious Balls

    Hey. I tried to play your game in Unity, through my Firefox browser, but controlling the block I found really difficult. My best score was 7. As soon as I had to get a ball near the top of the screen, if one appeared near the bottom I would have no choice but to frantically tap to get there in time. But then if a ball was spawned even slightly above it no matter how fast I tapped I couldnt get there. So I stopped after about 10 attempts as it got too frustrating. I see from the screenshots it shows a high score of 50 but unless all the balls stay fairly similar heights to each other one after the other I find it far too tough. My scores depended far more on where they were randomly spawned, as opposed to my skill improving once Id got the hang of it.   Hope that feedback helps on my experience anyway.
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