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  1. JY

    taking screenshots

    There is a Win32 API called PrintWindow, I have seen this recommended. You could also try creating a transparent window over the area you want to grab and copy that window. Not sure if of these will work on Vista/7 if desktop composition is enabled though.
  2. You are reading lines into the Data variable and then doing nothing with it.
  3. "Our governments suck. Why do we love them?" We don't... they suck!!
  4. If she was making as much you did $13/hour... and you're getting $75/hour freelancing... why don't you quit the day job and take on more freelancing jobs? If you're getting so many repeat jobs and consistently earning $75/hour then this should be a no-brainer. Leaving the company may set them back (a little) but that's their own fault for not running the company properly and ensuring adequate resources and overlap of knowledge. When i'm in this position I always think about how the other party would behave. If the company was in trouble would they have any problem with getting rid of you in order to protect their profits and directors bonuses? No! So don't think that it's somehow disloyal to look after #1. As for your missus choosing her starting rate - why didn't she start at $13/hour?? This is ludicrously low for anyone to live off (unless it's really cheap to live in america) so wouldn't break the bank even for a startup. The more I read this thread the more it seems like you don't really have a problem and you just want to big yourself up for winning these contracts. If you've got people BEGGING you to do work then do it, leave your job and get on with it.
  5. JY

    Duke Nukem - Best trailer of E3

    So no screenshots, no in-game footage - just a really bad montage of really bad graphics .. with a really bad soundtrack. WTF?!
  6. Is it just me that believes Open Source licences are more complicated than closed source licences. If the ethos behind it all is really to inspire innovation and to be at one with the world, why make it so "legal"?
  7. JY

    Do people use online chat rooms now?

    I haven't been in a chat room for years, the ones i used to use just got clogged up with wankers. IMHO it was much better when the web and chat rooms was almost exclusive to techies. I think that some sites would benefit from real time comms though, especially this site! (take note moderators) Sometimes I want to discuss something more dynamically than you can with a single forum post. I want to be able to interact sentence-by-sentence, as it were, rather than trying to get all my thoughts down in one post. However, the diatribe against social networking sites isn't necessarily valid. I find it really useful to keep photos etc. in one place and it means that my friends across the world in all different timezones can see them. Each of these technologies has their use for different things. Unfortunately the owners try to make people believe that theirs is the panacea but to my mind there isn't one all-encompassing site/service out there yet.
  8. JY

    Horizon point

    I've sketched it out on paper and thought I was getting somewhere but it doesn't seem to be quite right... I figured I could take the angle between the position vector and the direction vector using the dot product. Then I've got a right-angled triangle comprised of my position, direction and a vector perpendicular to the direction. Using trig I can get the length of the direction vector that makes this right angled triangle. I then multiply that length by the normalised direction vector to give me a point in space which sits above Earth. I then truncate this to be of length = Earth radius. This should give me the right point no? Only when I draw it the positions for the horizon points seem to be on the other side of the world :( Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. JY

    Horizon point

    I'm trying to trace a beam footprint on Earth from a satellite and am having problems when the beam doesn't intersect Earth (ray/sphere intersection is well document and i'm pretty sure i have a working implementation). So I want to be able to get the point on the horizon which is closest to the vector for a given line in space that passes by the sphere. Make sense? Please help! :) Thanks in advance JY
  10. JY

    Rim Lighting

    I tend to find that squatting over a mirror with a powerful torch lights my rim adequately.
  11. JY

    "free" software

    I'm looking into speech codec and have come across iLBC and Speex as the main contenders for a low cost implementation. However, i'm confused and concerned about the licences. I am having a hard time understanding first of all whether iLBC is really free. There is a lot of old documentation floating around the interweb (c. 2004) but nothing is up to date. The code for a reference implementation is included in RFC3951 - does that mean that the code is free to use? I have implemented this in C# but I am now concerned about using it in a commercial application in case GIPS come knocking at my door. Can anyone explain clearly to me what the licence situation is with iLBC please? Now Speex claims to be free-er than a free thing, so why does it come attached to a license? This is true of all "free" software (my main bug bear) - if it's really free why does it have to be accompanied by such complex licence documents? Why can't the software just be released as do-what-you-want-with-it free? iLBC and Speex both seem very similar and seem to use similar technologies, which are patent free as I understand it. So what is it about iLBC that they (GIPS) can claim any patent/licence? Please help me to understand.... Thanks
  12. In order to use the new visual styles in XP you need to include a manifest file in your application for comctl. I have never tried it but I would think that it's not possible to retrospectively apply this to 3rd party applications like AutoCAD.
  13. JY

    Sound proofing

    Hello knowledgable peeps! I had an old rackmount server lying around doing nothing so I want to install it in my loft. However, it does make a bit of a racket so I was wondering if you guys had any tips on sound proofing? I've been looking into commercial sound proofing products but they seem quite expensive so I was hoping for some tips on how I can nudget the sound down quite a bit. Also, I was wondering if any of you knew what frequency/ies the sound output from the fans is? Thanks in advance
  14. Quote:Original post by Skizz Vanilla GDI has no functions for loading images from disk. It does have functions to load images from resource files (LoadImage). A bit of a contradiction here because LoadImage can load images from a file. GDI+ is definitely more flexible though :)
  15. I looked into this over a year ago when sudoku first came to my attention and found another C based solver. I can't remember where I found it unfortunately, but it had a nice feature that you could implement. It created a move tree with the different options available at any time. If a move led to the Sudoku not being solvable it would step back to the last decision point and try the next option. That will lead to a nicer solver.
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