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    Ancient Rivals, mobile RPG devlog

    Another exciting update! Today we share our new video that showcases some of work we did during last few months.   Keep in mind it is technical alpha, means there will be a lot of changes later on. Characters' portraits are placeholders to be replaced.
  2. AncientRivals

    Ancient Rivals, mobile RPG devlog

    Finally some visuals to show!     I don't want to bloat the thread with images and gifs, so you can see more animation (including a video) in our blog.
  3. AncientRivals

    Ancient Rivals, mobile RPG devlog

    Alright, here's the article we promised to deliver! 
  4. AncientRivals

    Ancient Rivals, mobile RPG devlog

    While doing level-design we use what is called modular kits. They include a number of models like walls, corner, floor tiles that easily connect to each other and allow for fast and painless design of big rich levels. In theory it isn’t that hard to make a modular kit, but there are a number of tricks a designer should know. For instance, you will need to build a grid with cubes and use it as a reference for your finished 3d-models.     In fact, we plan to post technical articles and tutorials regularly, so stay tuned!   While we are preparing new article, we want to share a couple more screenshots of game levels made with Unity using their new Enlighten lighting system.   [attachment=28931:part2_scrn_1.jpg]   [attachment=28932:part2_scrn_2.jpg]
  5. AncientRivals

    Ancient Rivals, mobile RPG devlog

    Meanwhile we have updated our blog with new tutorial article on how to work with Coroutines in Unity. Could be useful for more junior Unity-developers :)
  6. Hello, everybody! Name's Artem, I represent indie gamedev team Sand Sphere Games. In this thread we will share news on our game Ancient Rivals. Ancient Rivals is hardcore hack&slash mobile game that is somewhat similar to Dark Souls. Every combat move your hero does matters. Even weakest monster can defeat the hero if he (or she) isn't careful with timing their attacks.    Our small team is working on the game for around year and a half. We had ups and downs, made lots of mistakes, but managed to continue our journey. Today the team consists of two people: - Kirill as a programmer, - Artem as a technical artist. Having so few people definitely forces us to wear way too many hats   Recently we have released new video that showcases some work we did during last few months.   Also a couple of a little older environmental screenshots:   [attachment=28733:part1_scrn_1 - ?????.jpg]   [attachment=28734:part1_scrn_3 - ?????.jpg]   [attachment=28735:part1_scrn_2 - ?????.jpg]   We also love to share our knowledge with fellow develops, so we regularly write gamedev-related articles. For example, there is an article about coroutines in Unity, and another is about modular level design kits. You can see more materials on our blog. We plan to add more good reads as we go.   You can also follow us on Twitter. Thanks!
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