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  1. Dan86

    Game Engine

    Thank you, once more, Servant of the Lords. This is a starter baseline I hope. Do I close this thread somehow? I got all the answers I needed.
  2. Dan86

    Game Engine

    Thank you all for the information, all of you are helping me a lot. Now here is a noob C# question this might not be the place to ask.. How do I make it so the program is always ready for a certain input?  So every time the key "Right Arrow" is being pressed a picture box will move one pixel to the side no matter what other methods and code ran..
  3. Dan86

    Game Engine

    Thank you very much Servant of the Lords your reply made it much more clear to me. So now I stumble upon my second post on this thread, how do I start making a game using C#, I simply can't get my mind to understand how I start. Is it possible by using visual studio only? Must I use some third party IDE? All I find online is Unity and XNA which isn't supported anymore.
  4. Dan86

    Game Engine

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. So here is another question, is it possible to make a 2D side scrolling game out of pure C# code? From all I have learned the past year I believe I am capable of creating a program with a database to write and view recipes for example, but I can't wrap my head and figure out on my own how to use the C# knowledge I have to create even the smallest game.  Maybe I don't have the right thinking to develop a more complex project than a simple program...
  5. Hello forum mates. I'm new here and I hope to stay. I have a rather simple question yet I believe the answer will be much more complex. I would like to ask for a somewhat simple explanation to what does making a game engine (from scratch) means. For example I follow Notch (Markus Persson) on Twitter and he always write about how he likes to develop his own engines when he is working on a game, like Minecraft with JAVA for example.   I'm learning C# for about a year now on my own using books and internet sources and developing a little game was always a dream of mine, which is why I would like to understand a bit more what it means to develop a game engine.   Thanks in advance, I really hope someone will have a meaningful answer, and please don't even bother writing to me "ever heard of a search engine?" and so on, it is the first stop, always.
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