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  1. clrscr

    TV Question

    I want to convert an old laptop I have into a universal controller for my house being able to run TV, stereo, DVD player etc through it, and be able to pick my profile based on what room I’m in using the laptops infrared port, is there any program out there that does this, and if I to program it myself any ideas where to start (links or books on programming an infrared port?) Thanks for any help.
  2. clrscr

    Error Codes

    Yeah thanks a lot for the help.
  3. clrscr

    Error Codes

    How do you convert the error codes returned from direct x functions to strings?
  4. clrscr

    The best demos

    I second starcraft that was a great demo, caused me to buy the game
  5. clrscr

    Vodka vs Rum

    Yeah puking really is a good thing, also it helps make the next day less crappy, stupid hangovers. Also I recomend Jack Daniels, Jack and Coke is a great drink
  6. clrscr

    Things to mix with Vodka?

    I second white russians, they're yummy
  7. clrscr

    Personal Firewall

    Sygate I dont if it has everything u need but its great, I've been running it for a couple years now no major problems.
  8. clrscr

    Ice cream

    Rocky Road all the way
  9. clrscr

    New to Opengl

    If your looking for more refrence style learning theres The Red Book and the The Blue Book
  10. clrscr

    Minorities in games?

    Quote:Original post by Justaddwater Because on average minorities make less money due to the fact that per capita they are less willing to work, less willing to break the language barriers, and less willing to assimilate. That’s a gross generalization, and incredibly wrong I'm a Hispano-American and know plenty of people who have to work 12 hour days just to make ends meet, then come home and care for there children and repeat the process six if not seven days a week. Most of them would like nothing more then to "assimilate" and learn English but don’t have the time nor the resources to spend money on lesions to speak English or to go the movies and take in American culture. There stuck in ghettos filled with people in the same boat while people in better situation look down on down with contempt and make ridicules statements like that. And it’s a shame the government has money to spend bringing "freedom" abroad but ignores the lack of it in their own back yard. It’s a shame Social Security is in jeopardy and Welfare has been withered down to almost nothing so the government can build more jails and a bigger army and give themselves bigger paychecks. And attitudes like that are going to do nothing but make sure that these peoples children will suffer the same faith as their parents.
  11. http://www.bugmenot.com/ is a great website, has log ins for all the major newspapers
  12. clrscr

    Quick Laptop Question

    thanks for the quick help
  13. clrscr

    Quick Laptop Question

    If I got a usb keyboard could I plug that in and use it instead of my laptop one, I dont like typing on the laptop keyboard for prolonged periods of time and sadly cant afford to buy a desktop.
  14. clrscr

    yeh - tonsils...

    Quote: As with other organs of the lymphatic system, the tonsils act as part of the immune system to help protect against infection. In particular, they are believed to be involved in helping fight off pharyngeal and upper respiratory tract infections. Wikipedia
  15. clrscr

    Test - what kind of American English do you speak?

    Your Linguistic Profile: 60% General American English 20% Yankee 15% Dixie 5% Upper Midwestern 0% Midwestern
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