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    OpenGL Vulkan or OpenGL ES or OpenGL

     I think it will be very hard, and I want to learn that I will use in future.      Thank you for the answer. I hope it will help to me.
  2. Hello, I understand that questions like mine was asked billion times, but I need some elaboration. I'm learning in the university and this is last year of bachelor degree learning. I must write some graduation work I want to write my own render framework (I know this maybe hard for one person, but I want :D) But I dont know what lib to choose. I saw some Vulkan videos and run it on my own PC, it was awesome ( but Dota 2 so laggy :( ) I right now learn OpenGL by this  https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0321773039/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1     P.S.: If you know some better theme linked with game development please write below.
  3. What can you say about Xenko game engine for mobile games? What performance compared to Cocos2d-x or Unity or UE4? Is it simple for develop? How good documentation?
  4. Airat1995

    What choose for first game?

  5. Hi! I began learning game development and like anyone beginner I have typical question. What I should choose for first game: engine or framework? If I choose engine, I'll fast began game programming and faster end my first game. If I choose framework, I'll know hoe it work from scratch, but I am not sure that I finish my game at all. Please help me to choose.
  6. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    Thank you! Last couple of days I though what kind of framework or engine I should choose. Must it be C++ framework because it's real gamedev language, ir for simplicity I prefer to choose Monogame) Thank you! I have last question, should I begin create game for mobile phones(it's target platform that I want to create games), or it doesn't matter right now?
  7. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    I know it's off topic, but anybody know someone who have experience in real gamedev? I just want to know what kind of game development profession could be and what they do?
  8. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    Thank you for advice.
  9. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    I programming about 4 years, but without real experience(I created some MVP, some app for my own using, but never finish them :( ) I know Pascal(I start with them), C#(my programming experience start with this language), Lua, C++(begin learning).
  10. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    Gameplay developer is person who implement basic game function like: picking up items and inventory system in RPG.
  11. Airat1995

    What need to learn gpp?

    Hello, I know my question not first. What I should prefer to learn to be gameplay developer? Should I learn framework like DirectX, OpenGL, XNA/Monogame, or I need to learn engine like Unity, UE?
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