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  1. XCOM EU it's not using an orthographic projection.   But anyway you can use any 3D engine. XCOM was created using Unreal Engine 3, you can use UE4 I think it has a template to create this type of games.
  2. Do you want a 3D engine with a orthographic or a 2D isometric engine?
  3. jsfdez

    how to chose open_gl libary?

    If you have Qt experience you can use Qt. It has context handling and resolves the OpenGL functions for you:   http://doc.qt.io/qt-5/qtopengl-index.html
  4.   To example unity uses a structure which contains date. (System.DateTime)   And for __LINE__ / __FILE__ I just wanted to know if it had some bad impacts on the application. :P   System.DateTime represents a time. __DATE__ is the build date and __TIME__ is the build time. Values defined in compile time.
  5. I don't see a valid reason to say it's bad practice.   I think almost every C/C++ compiler support any of those macros. I can't not say the same of __FUNCTION__
  6. jsfdez

    C vs Java (+ frameworks), Engines...?

    What about QGraphicsView (Qt)? I did some 2D games with it and it's really nice.
  7. Hi!   All you need is to use QOpenGLWidget.
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