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  1.   Well I doubt you would have executed the same gameplay. Age of gladiators was quite simple and not that engaging IMO, so I was surprised at the game being fairly positively received. Combat was all "A hits B for 345 damage! B misses A!" repetitively.   Think of "lone survivor in a sci-fi installation". There are many different games from that concept. Half-life, Dead Space and Subterrain are all different expressions of the same concept.
  2. I got reminded of the X series while reading through your feature list. Unsure if X has carriers but you can have AI ships on your fleet.   Sounds like your game isn't multiplayer, so I'm thinking why would a spaceship sim player want to play your game instead of the X series which is more established?   I remember building a trade station in X2 and setting up AI trade ships routes.
  3. dustbiter

    Where to start to be come a designer

    You should know what you want to pull off and what you need to learn...   I'm also new to game development and there's a lot I hope to eventually learn, such as drawing, photoshop, C#, Unity, 3D graphics/modelling.   I decided I needed to program and started studying a C# for dummies book.   One day I decided to try out Gamemaker that I had purchased on steam, and realised I didn't need to become familiar with C# to produce a 2D game, putting art aside. Currently I am fleshing out details of my game design and mechanics before I create my first text-based game in Gamemaker.   I think you should learn algebra and trigonometry first out of all the skills you listed.
  4. dustbiter

    Need help with where to start for a game idea

    Maybe studying Sovereignty: Crown of Kings can help you create the maps you want.
  5. dustbiter

    What should I do next?

    I'm in a similar situation as the topic creator, I started out learning JavaScript on Codeacademy and C# from a "For Dummies" book.   Then I started learning from Shaun Spalding's Gamemaker tutorials and I started learning GML, dropping JavaScript and placing C# on hold.   I've started studying basic art theory, ultimately I hope to be creating my own art through tablet and Photoshop. I just spent a while on 2-point perspective and I am about to work on basic human anatomy.   I've also been reading up on Game design. I've some ideas that would take some work to flesh out and figure out the game mechanics. It seems to me a good idea to figure out what I need to program first.
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