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  1. Deusald

    Ignis - game about wizard duels

    Small update :P What you would say about new look of the arena? http://www.indiedb.com/games/ignis/images
  2. Deusald

    Ignis - game about wizard duels

    Update: You can see new screens here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/ignis/images
  3. Deusald

    Ignis - game about wizard duels

    Update: Ignis gameplay update! From now game is faster. You can move smoothly, casting spells while moving. Casing animations are faster. And all basic spells have better particles. Especially teleport(I've made it like in Harry Potter series).
  4. Deusald

    Ignis - game about wizard duels

    Thank you :) Hope others will like my game too :P I'm waiting for comments and suggestions.
  5.       Ignis is the game about wizard duels. As a one of 8 the most powerful mages in the world you are taking part in a great tournament. Game consists of rounds where you fight with other wizards. You have 24 spells from 100 pot. You can only move laterally. Casting a spell is the most important thing. You can control your missile path. Which means that your spell can be destroyed by your opponents missile. You must draw the best path to avoid opponents spells, obstacles and hit the enemy wizard. To your disposition, there are a lot of spells from 4 magic fields. Destruction, Life, Nature and Secret. Each of them depends on different playstyle. Destruction mages deal great amount of damage. Life mages heal and buff themselves. Nature mages create obstacles and change terrain. Secret mages depends on curses. Ignis is a very fast game. One round is around 5-10 minutes. In a game you can play single player with storyline or multiplayer.           One battle is around 3 minutes. Two wizards stand on two sides of the arena. Each wizard have 24 spells to his disposition. You can move only sideways. Main mechanic of the game is taking control of your missiles. When you press left mouse button you can draw a path on the arena. When you release button your spell will follow this path. The goal is to avoid enemy missiles, obstacles and hit his health points to zero.       There aren't only missiles in your spellbook. There are a lot more! From deadly lasers, teleportation, shields that can protect you from enemy missiles to meteor from the sky. You can combine above 100 spells to make your perfect combo.       During the battle you can summon a creature. Each creature have unique skills that can help you win. For example "Gog" will throw fireball towards enemy at some moments. Another creature "Guardian Angel" will protect you from missiles. "Shadow" like a demonic creature will attack enemy wizard with his sharp claw and poison him. "Driada" will put mystical fog that reversing opponent missiles.       Not everything is done. There are some bugs and I've showed only 8 spells but I think after watching this video you will know about what my game is.   Destruction Magic Destruction wizard dealing a lot of damage in short time. His spells are prepared to constantly attacking. In his arsenal you will find deadly lasers, meteors, fireballs, daemons, explosions and more. Life Magic Life wizards buff themselves. They can create barriers, heal, buff, speed themselves. Creatures that will serve them are "Guardian Angel" or "Cherubin". Nature Magic Nature wizards control battle area. They can create obstacles, walls, totems on the arena. The are able to create mud, rain or other things that can slow or stun enemy wizard. Nature creatures are for example "Driada" or "Wolf". Secret Magic Secret wizards base on curses. They can poison you or your creature. Taking your life points and returning them to themselves is their speciality. Creatures that secretly serve them are "Succubus" or "Terror".                 Ignis have 2 main game modes: Singleplayer and Multiplayer. In single player you can find: - Campaign - great tournament to see who is the most powerful wizard and will face Nexus - Normal - take as many battles as you want - Survival - your health don't return to maximum level after battle, how many levels you can survive - Challenge - your enemies are a lot stronger than you, show as how powerful wizard you are In multiplayer: - Normal - set with your friend number of rounds and fight - Tournament - minimum four players, face your friends in tournament to glory - Ranked - show that you are real lord of all wizards           Actually I'm making this game alone. I need money for my studies, equipment and licenses. That's why I will release IndieGoGo campaign. I want also put my game on steam. For now I'm making spells effects, programming bot AI and setting up multiplayer.     My name is Adam "Deusald" Orli?ski. I'm second year student. I'm studying software engineering on the Uniwersytet Jagiello?ski in Kraków(Poland).        
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