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  1. lukash

    Yet another graphic engine

    Hi DiligentDev! Very interesting project, but let we ask some questions. How does it relates to LLGL ( What is difference, pros, cons? Also what is the endpoint goal of this project? Is there some engines that use these API? I see that you use a shader converter for targeting to different API, but I do not like this approach and prefer c preprocessor for more transparent compilation. I agree that dx 11, opengl 4.5 rather old-school, but for my purposes I don't see any restrictions in these API for implementing all graphics techniques.
  2. lukash

    Yet another graphic engine

    Now I concentrate on the version for Windows. After writing a basic render and a minimally usable editor, I plan to port to Linux.I will not use COM for Linux, as far as I know there is a stable ABI (I would do it already if I had Linux as the second system on my desktop ). I do not consider Mac because it has a restrictive implementation of OpenGL.
  3. Hello everybody! I decided to write a graphics engine, the killer of Unity and Unreal. If anyone interested and have free time, join. High-level render is based on low-level OpenGL 4.5 and DirectX 11. Ideally, there will be PBR, TAA, SSR, SSAO, some variation of indirect light algorithm, support for multiple viewports and multiple cameras. The key feature is COM based (binary compatibility is needed). Physics, ray tracing, AI, VR will not. I grabbed the basic architecture from the DGLE engine. The editor will be on Qt ( Now there is a buildable editor. The main point of the engine is the maximum transparency of the architecture and high-quality rendering. For shaders, there will be no new language, everything will turn into defines.
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