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  1. lukash

    Yet another graphic engine

    Hi all! Mini update: - rotate manipulator - temporal anti-aliasing -debug buffers viewer(final frame, normal, ligths,..)
  2. lukash

    Yet another graphic engine

    I spend this weekend to my engine (and suddenly broke up with the girl ). I completely reinvent material system. I introduce generic materials. It can be described in the text file: passes, parameters, textures, defines. All this stuff will automatically be sent to the shader and editor UI generated. Material is just intance of generic material, parameters and textures can be overwritten. On the basis of this implemented normal mapping.
  3. lukash

    Looking for a gamedev mentor

    I could help you with programming.it is my engine https://github.com/fra-zz-mer/RenderMaster
  4. lukash

    Yet another graphic engine

    Update: For half a year, I completely rewrote the engine. Implemented: Deferred render Physically based materials Image based lighting Game objects system with parent-child relationship Translate manupulator Picking Experimental Import FBX
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