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    How terrible is my art

    Thanks i just finished redrawning the blue guy i personally think it looks better.I can't post images on replies to threads though also i have fully animated all of these and running animations look a bit off as you said yet at least in motion the sword swings look very smooth.
  2. Chazz85

    How terrible is my art

    [attachment=30687:SpritesheetRight.png][attachment=30688:EnemySpriteSheetLeft.png] How terrible are these please i need to know.
  3. Chazz85

    Is my Game Ready For Greenlight

    I actually liked it.
  4. Chazz85

    Is my Game Ready For Greenlight

    The idea and objective of the game is that you can build and create anything you want in the game. The present features are the generic minecraft style building with around 47 blocks 5 objects that are not blocks and large scale things like platforms and towers. You can customise the colours of each of these objects allowing more variety in building,terraforming is also a feature in the game. The hole concept of the game is to be able to build anything you want i plan on implamenting things like fully customisable blocks,fully customisable NPC's same for cars. Probably even a map editor so you can build your own landscape. Yet at present i lack the knowledge,time and resources to do this i was thinking of doing some crowd funding when iam ready.   I have tried to build something awesome in the game for a trailer but due to having to do thing everyday and some save game issues which is have fixed. I havn't had time to create anything like this recently. The rest of your question is explained in my reply to mark locks question just look there.   Yeah i have been really,really trying to do this and has been a focal point of my work for some time which is why iam trying to 1 up minecrafts building system as much as possible. I think iam gonna need to post more game play to get my idea across to you four   yeah iam gonna do this   Also is there a way to reply to people normally.
  5. Hi iam kinda brand new here and i need a opinion is my game ready for steam greenlight heres a link to the game  please feel free to tell me what you think also the game isn't finished  
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