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  1. In pac-man the ghosts all spawned in the center and asteroids was all random generation. I had a wave system that increased the number of asteroids that could be on screen at the same time, and they spawned in a random location, with random velocity. I have no experience "scripting" a game and the reason I'm asking is because I don't know where to start. I'm all about learning from my own mistakes, but I'm sure some inspiration can't hurt.
  2. Hi, I started working on my 1st (2D) RPG (using C++ and SFML). In the past, I've only worked on platformers or what I call fixed-view (i.e. Asteroids, Pac-man, Pong). I'm wondering how you integrate quests, characters, etc. into the game? So far the best idea I've come up with is to have a directory for quests and keep all quests or quest lines in separate files. Maybe a .xml file that would contain a tree of quests that could refer to other quests like <questline name="L1"> <quest name="Q1"> ... <unlock>L1:Q2</unlock> </quest> <quest name="Q2"> ... But what about the NPCs? I want them to be there whether the quest is active or not, I want quests to have the ability to kill them, change their location, dialogues etc. Basically, I want the implementation to be as flexible as possible so I don't cock-block myself later. Any input would be appreciated (ideas, projects on GitHub I could snoop on, books that aren't too expensive, anything really...)
  3. gabars

    Dusters - Your Feedback Wanted

    Are using anything windows-specific or did you just not care to build it for other platforms? I would've liked to check it out but wine throws ".Cabinet not valid".
  4. Like Nokia owned Qt for a while? So I could have a registered (or not) business to my personal name and own for example squirrelgames.com?
  5. The only reason is so I won't need multiple domains. I want to buy 1 easy to remember domain name that I could use for my future games. I don't plan to make any money from it, maybe a couple bucks from ads but I don't mind giving that up to not have to pay more.   This is where it says "The name must be in French. To obtain additional information, please refer to the Charter of the French language." just scroll down a bit it's under compliance measures. From the Charter of the French language: "63. Le nom d'une entreprise doit être en langue française."   It's my mother tongue...   I'll see if I can get an appointment at UQAM's clinique juridique (free) but they don't open until september 8. I'm really hoping I don't need to have a business at all to do this. I guess if you can have a blog and not name it "My Name's blog" you can have a website to publish your games and name it whatever you want.
  6. Thank you for the quick response guys. In Quebec (montreal)   That sucks big time. My full name is too long and hard to type for a domain name. After a bit of re-reading I found a semi-hidden link on the registre des entreprises : http://www.registreentreprises.gouv.qc.ca/documents/tarifs/RE-101%282015-01%29.pdf (french only) It has the prices for registering a business in Quebec but I'm not sure which one would apply to me. Anyway I just read that to register a business the name has to be in french -.- ... So all my plans are going to hell unless I don't have to register a business.   Also, I'm a student and my budget has been and will remain negative every month until march/april 2016. I don't mind the 10$/yr for a domain name but I absolutely can't afford a lawyer.
  7. Hi, It's my first time on this forum. I searched as much as I could (don't know what to search for) and I still have questions.   I'm making a little game (for practice, but I'd still like to keep it around) and when came the time to implement a high scores system, I made a website to handle the highscores and have a little home page etc. It's on a subdomain now and I want a domain name. I tought I could have only one domain name and have separate folders / subdomains for each game I'll make. I haven't found a name yet but let's say squirrelgames.com for now...   My questions are: 1. I have a copyright notice in-game and on the website with my real name on it. Can I keep them or do I have to replace with (c) Squirrel Games? 2. Do I have to register a company? (I live in Canada and the website is hosted in Chicago, USA) 3. Do you have any tips?     Thanks  
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