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  1. Not sure how to approach this in Unity, kind of new.   The grid represents 2 teams in a top versus bottom fashion comprising of 8 players in a 4 v 4 setup.   The functionality of the grid: A. The initial grid layout is balanced for all players.   B. The inner lines of the grid (one line across segmented into 4 parts and 3 lines vertical each segmented into 2 parts) are solely affected by the player's area changing. 1. Cell flexing is needed to keep balance between the cells when the health of players changes.  All players start with 100%.  If your enemy directly above or below you has 90% health and you have 110%, the horizontal line between the two of you should change and your cell area would increase in height,. Etc. 2. Additionally, the inner lines double as fixed paths for items to move across. 3. When a player's area is destroyed, one or more lines will come in contact with the outer frame and must be deleted to avoid item obscurity when only half or none of the icon is visible.   C. The outer lines (the stage frame) are fixed to the resolution of the screen and scales everything within it but are not affected by the player's area changing. 1. Additionally, the outer lines and the stage frame housing them do not take up the entire screen.  They share the screen with a 48 pixel high bar at the bottom that is used for the menu, scoring, and health/shield status.   There is more to this than what is explained here as I am only giving a fraction of what the game's structure is about.  Honestly, it is suppose to be a simple game but the more I think about it, it gets more complicated when you break it down.  But if I can get this part down, then I am in business.   Same thread on Unity forums: http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/trying-to-create-a-4-by-2-cell-grid.382758/
  2. If your intentions were to apply: - Mouse + Keyboard - Screen Touch - Gamepad Controller   Is your game limited by the least controllable/refined platform, or is there a way around such a dilemma?  
  3. Thx for the feedback.  I wasn't clear on that my aim is browser based, so it would be cross-platform and essentially online only.  So, I am generally going for PC and tablet with the possibility of smartphones.  But if smarties are too much of a hassle that's fine.
  4. Or should I aim for tablets and leave it at that?   I personally do not own a smartphone, I am a dedicated lover of flip-phones.  So my only reference to size is my PC monitor and putting my fingers on the screen to see if things are reasonably touchable at such a small size.   Image below: 320 x 480 pixels: [attachment=29403:ui.jpg]   You can see the image is rather busy a lot of things are going to happen beyond this static image which does not include the light show of effects from the combatant chaos.   Not all, but the majority of interactive elements are on the image.  Everything on the yellow bar is represents the player's controls, so ideally one would hold their smartphone as if it were a Gameboy/DS.   All the squares and green rings are interactive, but I am uncertain if the player team and enemy elements are an eye strain.  Ignore that part because this is a wireframe with the final probably more akin to what the game sites look like.     The max size of the stage is 1920 x 1080 pixels without black bars and more left and right space.   Game: Combollision (Combo + Collision) Domain bought no website.   Originally wanted to call it Combostruction (Combo + Construction + Destruction).  It was close but the elements involved favored collision and it rolls off the tongue better.
  5. everlive

    Alternatives to Hit Points.

    Does not everything have a set of hit points visible or not?   That is my take on games like Robocraft or War Thunder where while you do not see a health bar, each component gets a color state and a predetermined amout of hits before it breaks.  This is more obvious with Robocraft when you look at the stats of each block that clearly show you the amount of health they have, but actually playing the game you never see the individual meters drop when they are hit.   There is a bit of frustration in watching a target get away with 3 hp or in the case of World of Tanks, getting hit in the treads and only the treads slowing knocking down your entire health pool makes no real sense and can be aggravating.   There is no logical sense to a single HP box number that would describe the targets overall condition.  The target should be crippled, bleeding out, passing out, in shock, or just out right dead or dying.  Which means you would have to spend a great deal of time on the damage model of a target, it can't be one big hitbox, and everything down to the fingers maybe needs to be modeled out if you want that level of design.
  6. The best thing YOU can do is make sure the netcode is up-to-par and the servers you are using are good enough for P2P transfer on the level of gaming.  You can't really control all those people who have Comcast, Time Warner, or some service provider from across the planet as their means of online gaming.
  7. To frob's point, I do not really see much of an issue with direct theivery or cross-scripting exposure with this, but then I am not fully familiar with what the W3C considers "OK" when it comes to something like an <embed> or <iframe>.   hplus0603 is close to what I was going for, I failed to point out that the game would be login required and all assets would sit on a server I solely have an account for.  I thought something like a Youtube embed was nothing more than a screen or portal to the actual site, that is what I was going for.    I think the closest possible example would be Gametap, where they have all the games on their servers and emulate them to where you play through your monitor but never actually download the game directly.  Playthrough streaming? I do not know, but I am surprised no one else has really tried this even with the risk as far as I knowl.
  8. What I mean is, I can go to 4chan or Warthunder forums and embed a Youtube video and watch it on those sites.  Could you do that with a gaming console?  I am making a game and would like this kind of functionality.  I don't want to invent it but I would certainly use it if it was a service or free as part of the W3C standards as my game would be in HTML5.   My goal if possible is to make it so that you could play on forums and blogs or whatever and not necessarily directly on the game's site.
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