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  1. CrazyRobotStudios

    Free Music Resource

  2. CrazyRobotStudios

    90% Off Two Of My Games!

    Whats up guys! I have two new games for sale, and just to be nice they are 90% off! You can get the bundle for ten cents, and the money is being raised to put a game I have been working on for years on steam greenlight!   Link : http://itch.io/s/3047/the-be-nice-sale
  3. CrazyRobotStudios

    Java or click team?

    I have tried the product I like both, I don't mind which I use, but I don't know which is better in terms of game dev. I need someone with experience in it, or maybe some example games made in it.
  4. CrazyRobotStudios

    Java or click team?

    Hello all, I have been programming Java video games with applets, but more recently I bought a game engine name d click team fusion 2.5. My dad says I should stay with Java but idk! Help asap, what should I use?
  5. CrazyRobotStudios

    Should I learn c++ for game dev?

    Any more reasons?
  6. CrazyRobotStudios

    Should I learn c++ for game dev?

    But why? I need reasoning
  7. CrazyRobotStudios

    Should I learn c++ for game dev?

    How should I learn c++ for Java game development? I have been at Java for awhile and I'm not really happy with it.
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