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  1. Yeah assets may be the way to go!       Hah ha, even with an engine that can handle all of your requirements (as suggested by Navyman UE4 is an excellent choice) there is no "easy way". Game development is hard. Take SeanMiddleditchs advice and start small. Save your magnum opus until you have some experience under your belt.   I would actually say there is kind of an easy way, or at least a least difficult way! Using a developer engine and of top of that using modules and other premade content seems easier than doing something from scratch. But of course it will never be like for example the old Warcraft 3 editor where you just klick around a bit for fun without coding skills and suddenly you have a game... But it would be pretty sweet tho..
  2.   Thanks for all your comments! The idea would be to familiarize with 3D game development first and then do this game as a final step when I'm ready. I do HIGHLY HIGHLY Agree with these statement.   However, I think under your list of features and requests UE4 (4.13) is perfect for what you need.   Yep I agree! I will of course level up my game creator skills before I try to create this game...
  3. Hello! I have an idea of a 3D game which is a battle simulator with the highest "realism" possible: you are a warrior seen in third person and you fight another warrior in a gladiator arena. I'm searching for which development environment to use. Based on the info listed below, could you recommend anything? Thanks!   Experience - Basic knowledge in java - Could make a somewhat decent 2D game in Game Maker Studio   Requirements - Highly detailed collision system. If I attack with my sword and hit my enemy's shield I want the sword's motion to stop at the coordinates of his shield. If i hit him in the leg I want the swords motion to stop where his leg is. - Wide range of model animations. How the attack animation is displayed depends on if the attack is blocked or not, where I aim and distance to the target. - Adaptable 3D models. For example the warriors should be able to drop his weapon or have his helmet fall off. - Biggest requirement of them all: I want to do it the "easy way" and let the program do much of the work for me where possible. Based on my experience some degree of drag-and-drop coding would probably be required. If a foundation of character animation and collision is already in place that would be a big plus!   I figured the best approach could be to create a skeleton or "stick man" and code all the movement and collision for this model, and then just dress it up with different skins and maybe tweak it a bit to create all the characters appearing in the game.   I would appreciate som words of advice. I'm actually quity eager to start creating!  :lol:
  4. Hi! I just picked up a new hobby: making games! I've made a android game and would love to hear your opinion. Do you like it? It's name is Story Smash, it's free, and can be found here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.companyname.StorySmash   This game can be used by anone who: -wants to learn better English -likes fairy tales -is a bit childish and thinks it's hilarious with mature words (like screenshot below)   [spoiler] [/spoiler]   Also please comment if you have any ideas for what the next story I should add. I will read all comments carefully, any feedback is greatly appreciated  /Cloudd1
  5. Thanks a lot! That really helped  Great
  6. Thanks for the answer! Are there good enough third party libraries for Android Studio to make it more efficient than Unity? Or should I just go with Unity since all the game engine stuff are already there?
  7. Hello! I'm new here. I have been interested in creating my own android games for a time now and just decided to give it a try, so I'm looking for a software where I can develop my games. I have some basic knowledge in java and been playing around a bit in Android Studio. What would be the easiest way for a beginner to create his first android game? At the start, now when I'm new to app development, I will make simple games like memory match or quiz game, and after that try creating games that require some physics, like a "runner game" or platform game. I have found three options: -Android Studio -Unity3d -Game Maker: studio Does any of you have any idea what software to use? Are any of these three options any good? I have also heard it might be possible to use Android Studio as a plugin for Unity3d or something like that... I just want to create simple 2D-games, not any advanced 3D-games. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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