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  1. We know that you've been waiting for this since previous test and here we are with the greatest news of the day, answering your main question and revealing the next test date: Starfall Tactics NPC Factions test starts 26th October and ends 5th November! This time you are going to see a lot of changes and new content in the MMO part of Starfall Tactics: new factions, resource system, crafting and basic quests are going to bring you completely new feelings along with all other changes we've been working on during these long summer and autumn days. Don't forget to apply for the test and join a House (guild) And that's not all the good news: As we already mentioned, along with this test, we are holding another important event on 3th and 4th November: the second test Tournament! This Tournament is a really important event for the game as it helps us see the game from another, player side, get possible problems, balance issues and, of course, gives some inspiration to us and a lot of fun to players So, at the moment we are preparing the game for the test - adding new content, fixing critical bugs and just make all new features work together well, and there is definitely some other news about new stuff we would love to share here: New Faction Modules: Perfect Sensor, P.Y.R.A.M.Y.D., activatable - On activation shows all enemy ships on the map for a short period of time. Nebula Jump Module, Nebulords, activatable - Allows warping your ship into any nebula on the map. Robber Gang, Nebulords, activatable - Allows robbing enemy ships: takes away enemy cargo. Pirate bases are bringing surprises in its turn and make raids more exciting with new special abilities! Screechers Mothership uses special Self Destruction module with a bigger explosion range - this explosion is able to easily destroy your frigates. P.Y.R.A.M.Y.D. launches a strong gravity impulse, which pushes all ships away, even if they are really far from the Mothership. Nebulord technologies allow their Mothership to warp away from you in certain situations. Other updates Outer regions of the space in Starfall Tactics are not just a bunch of systems with pirates, their bases and rare resources. There are also some planets inhabited by neutral people who just want to live a normal life on their own, outside of this massive faction conflict. As they live very close to pirate-owned systems, they often require your help in protection from pirate bands and sometimes can order resource delivery - get ready to complete a couple tasks for a great reward. At the same time neutral planets often have Trading posts, offering you various equipment and ship projects - there is only a limited amount of them, but product range of Trading posts is periodically updated, so you can get back there with time. New resources already were announced in previous updates, and now we are just showing three of them which will be used for crafting and can be mined in asteroid fields: Arkonite - common resource. Can be found in any rich asteroid field. Adamantane - common resources, which are more rare and more valuable than Arkonite, but still can be found in every rich asteroid field. Neitherium - rare resource for high-level crafting. Can be found only in rich asteroid fields in Outer Regions. Very expensive.
  2. In a previous post we haven't mentioned one important fact about faction equipment and ships: although they depend on different resources, they are connected in a certain way. All ships and equipment designed so that the first income level of each resource, for example, allows you to assemble a certain ship build - Blazing Fist modification with Stingray laser and Scouting drone module. In other words, each faction ship modification constructed to easiliy fit modules and weapons you get for the same income levels of other resources. We hope that this system is going to motivate you to maintain the same income level of each resource and look for new territories you can conquer. Now let's come back to our faction equipment lists: Deprived weapon Lvl.1"Storm Rocket Launcher", Kinetic, size 1x2 - weapon, designed to hit small and maneuverable targets. Launches several rockets at a time, has average firing rate, good burst damage but lower DPS (damage per second). Lvl.2 "Reconstruction Beam", Energy, size 2x2 - equipment for remote (up to 6000m) repairservices. Uses laser ray focus to connect damaged coating elements, delivers subatomic gel to the damaged. Lvl.3 "Eradicate Cannon", Kinetic, size 4x2 - battery, which shoots with exploding shells and permanently damages target ships so they can never be fully repaired.Shoots with several projectiles, just like a usual shotgun. Lowers maximum ship armor. Lvl.4 "Plasma Dissolver", Energy, size 2x4 - Heavy Plasma Cannon modification with increased range. Lvl.5 "Valkyrie", Kinetic, size 3x3- rocket tower, which guides rocket flight and immediately launches another rocket once it hits target ship. It means that at closer distances it has higher firing rate. _ Here are all new weapons for Vanguard, Eclipse and Deprived: Faction special modules "Scouting Drone" - Vanguard, lvl.1, activatable - Drone scout. Moves in a straight line and reveals everything on its way. "Omicron Generator" - Deprived, lvl.1, activatable - Creates a special area which deals damage to enemies and heals friendly ships for the same amount. Has limited duration. "Force Weapon Reload" - Eclipse lvl.3, activatable - Forced reload. As a matter of urgency, makes all weapons ready to fire. Deals damage to ship structure on activation. "Selfstasis module" - Deprived, lvl.3, activatable - Module, which puts an initial ship into special stasis for a limited amount of time: it drastically increases recovery rate for structure, armor and shields. "Sabotage Squad" - Vanguard, lvl.4, activatable - Boarding module which has a sabotage squad instead of usual troopers. Turns off ship functional systems (modules). "Sabotage Squad" module Vanguard ships Lvl.1 - battlecruiser "Blazing Fist", Curtana modification Lvl.2 - battlecruiser "Iron Guard", Tarnhelm modification Lvl.3 - battleship "Esprit de corps", Tizona modification Lvl.4 - battleship "Spirit of Rage", Ichaival modification Lvl.5 - dreadnought "God of War", Mjolnir modification
  3. Another thing we would love to add into the game is a faction progression. Basically, it gives a real goal and a reason to actually participate in wars for territories not just for the fact of dominance, but also to get profits for your fleet and the whole faction you belong to. Faction progression is directly connected with Strategic Resources feature we talked about in June: "A certain level of income of each of the Strategic Resources opens access to some kind of factional equipment or ship." There are three types of Strategic Resources you can find on planets in Inner Regions (a contested space where you can meet pirates and other rivals): Radioactive metals - higher income levels of this resource make new weapons available for purchase on your home planet. Superconductors - give you access to unique special modules. Noble gases - allow you to get new ship modifications on new income levels. The higher income level of a resource faction has for the past several hours, the greater things you can acquire: there are 5 income levels in total, each of them gives exclusive rewards you won’t be able to find anywhere else. They are also different for every faction. All these rewards can be purchased on home planets by spending a certain amount of reputation points which you, as a faithful faction member, earned while helping your faction. For example, Noble gases income levels give you access to the following ships: Lvl.1 - battlecruiser "Glow Reflection", Regent modification Lvl.2 - battlecruiser "Dazzling Spark", Eureka modification Lvl.3 - battleship "Solar Winds", Sunrise modification Lvl.4 - battleship "Aureola", Paragon modification Lvl.5 - dreadnought "Halo", Premier modification All ship modifications are going to have special skins, so you will surely recognize them: Each Commander can get unlimited number of each reward, unless he or she runs out of reputation points. These items might be or might not be included into ranked mode - it highly depends on balance issues and current set of equipment available for Ranked Mode. We already started preparing all the necessary equipment, and here is a short list of Vanguard weapons, which they can get for higher Radioactive metals income: Lvl.1 "Stingray", Kinetic, size 1x4 - Electromagnetic kinetic weapon, accelerating the projectile to ultra-high speeds along 2 rails. Pierces through ships. Lvl.2 "Large CQC Laser", Energy, size3x2 - CQC laser modification of bigger size. Lvl.3 "Tornado Rocket Launcher", Kinetic, size 3x2 - Rocket Launcher modification with 8000m range and average rate of fire comparable to Hurricane Rocket Launcher. Lvl.4 "Frag cannon", Kinetic, size 3х3 - Middle range cannon with increased crew damage. Has low firing rate, fires with single shells. Lvl.5 "Volcano", Energy, size 3х2 - Blaster machine gun. Weapon dispersion increases with time, while cooldown - decreases. Eclipse faction relies on energy weapons - so here is their list of rewards: Lvl.1 "Assault Laser", Energy, size 2x2 - Medium Laser analogue - has less range and more DPS. Lvl.2 "Thunderbolt", Energy, size 1x3 - Plasma Missile Launcher, has 9000 range. Lvl.3 "Lancet", Kinetic, size 1x3 - Small Gauss Cannon analogue. Lvl.4 "Assault Plasma Cannon", Energy, size 2x2 - Plasma Cannon with lower range and decreased cooldown. Lvl.5 "Evaporator", Energy, size 1x4 - Large Heat laser with a very long range.
  4. Until that moment, Starfall Tactics had just some characters, which presented their faction to give you a general vision and understanding. Now, as the time has come to start creating quest lines - at least for introductions and tutorials - the need to implement new characters arises. And today we are lifting the veil from new faces you will see while playing the game. First of all, let's look at another set of faction portraits - this time for pirate factions. All of them - P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., Screechers and Nebulords were presented as ships and abstract guys - you could only guess how they look like from their ship designs and descriptions. You could say that knowing them in face is not that important for the game where everything you see on the screen is your fleet consisting from ships...But if you know the personality and see the face of the enemy, everything becomes just a little bit more real and personal. All in all, we fight not against ships but against a whole faction which consists from humans (at least in this case), right? So let's have a look at typical representants of three pirate bands - P.Y.R.A.M.I.D., Screechers and Nebulords: Early concepts. Can be changed further Since we started creating portraits, patrolman of Eclipse, Deprived and Vanguard also got pictured: Early concepts. Can be changed further And that's not all: Starfall Tactics Universe does have more personalities to present: today we are glad to introduce you the first three Eclipse and Deprived characters along with their short bios! These characters are going to help you learn game basics and will tell you different stories in missions once we implement quest system which already stands on the doorstep: we already started preparing technical basis for them, giving it soem time between other important tasks. In addition to portraits, we are going to create animated 3D models for each of these new characters - they will talk with you during various missions, encounters, events and just anywhere we need them speaking. Although Starfall Tactics is not a very story oriented game, we strive to make all game aspects both qualitative and interesting for you to try: that's where our game designers, programmers and artists will unite to make all the best quests and characters for you. Making and animating a set of characters along with writing quest scenarios is not an easy task, so expect it to fully arrive into the game not earlier when Starfall Tactics comes to early access. But when it does arrive - expect it to be great And here are they: Sketches, not actual in-game models Assistant Alan Lee, Eclipse Many implants allow Alan Lee to aggregate and analyze tons of information in real time, so he successfully combines roles of secretary and first assistant while staying effective and observant. He always has his own opinion and does not hesitate to share it, but don't really like getting into direct confrontation. Alan is also a very faithful person and it's definitely not a typical quality for members of Eclipse corp., where everything has a certain price. Huntmaster Ollaya, Deprived Ollaya is 40 y.o. huntress who has repeatedly proved her talent as a leader and a strategist. She clearly understands Vanguard and Eclipse psychological behavior models, which directly affects her success on the battlefield and makes her indispensable. Refuses to take the post of the Sachem as she prefers the Hunt itself with its incomparable sense of danger, challenge and triumph. Businessman Mr. Evan Van der Hallen, Eclipse Mr. Evans is a great businessman with an extremely extensive field of interests and dozens of expensive high-quality implants, carefully hidden all over his body. This exemplary family man, who already has several great-grandchildren over 12 years old, made his fortune on fraud with securities.
  5. The autumn has come and we are happy to meet the new season Sunrise, Eclipse Battleship The third Battleship which belongs to Eclipse faction is already here! Classic eclipse design of Sunrise brings you another ship to admire, use it as an effective assault force and a part of you great fleet. Survival mode & Loot Boxes Just a couple tests ago Survival mode got an update which brought many cool features, including special loot boxes. These loot boxes could appear after certain enemy waves and give you a significant amount or IGC and XP if you collect them. Due to all the changes - extended crafting system and resources in particular, we decided to modify these boxes to let them fit actual concept better. Now loot boxes in Survival mode, instead of IGC and XP, give you special resource - Neitherium. This resources will be automatically converted to IGC on Survival completion. And Cheers to you from the Snowforged Team and thanks once again for staying with us! With hope that our happy faces will make you smile a little more this week
  6. We continue working on important game aspects, and this week we also have some news to share: - Vanguard Battleship - Tizona The next Battleship is joining Vanguard faction - Tizona. This ship looks just as great as you could imagine and sometimes can remind one famous enough spacecraft: Eclipse Battleship is also joining us next week - check out for updates on our Sketchfab page! - Hexagonal Maps A small, but nice improvement which is going to make your life in MMO mode more comfortable and logical: Hexagonal Maps. In addition to their special form, they have a couple of other features: place, where you enter the hex on the Galaxy Map, directly affects on the place, where you can appear on the map. For example, if you chase your enemy and attack him from the top right side, you will enter your fleet from this top right side on the battlefield. There are other changes which affect the way you leave the battle: Once the first ship of yours reaches the rim of the map and crosses it, other edges become inactive - red - and all remaining ships in your fleet can leave the battle only by crossing the same edge. We hope that all these changes can help you clearly imagine the battlefield and understand it better. - Ship Repairing In the MMO mode, even if you lose the whole fleet, you have no penalties except of lost cargo. So, the loss of the single ship is not that painful here. Moreover, sometimes you can meet situations when after being defeated you can almost immediately jump into another battle, just spamming enemies in your system. And this situation doesn't look really great at all - your ships with hundreds and thousands of people on them become just a junk, a consumable with no limit you can sacrifice without any significant loss. Of course, a permanent loss of the ship would be too much here, so we decided to change our repairing system a little bit. Until that moment, you could repair your ships on special Repair Stations in Open Space for IGC and repair & get back your destroyed ships for free - on Mothership. Now, if you get your ships destroyed on Galaxy Map, they can't be immediately returned into your Detachment. Instead, they'll have a repair time - don't worry, it's not going to last for ages - just a short period to make you value them a little more. Their repair time also depends on the class and construction complexity for each ship. At the same time, we are thinking about removing Repair Stations from the map, reworking them or just leave it as an additional way to repair your ship. Value every ship in your fleet - and you will see how it can turn the tide
  7. Snowforged Team is back here to celebrate the 3rd Anniversary and continue Starfall Tactics development along with short updates here This past year appeared to be very eventful: we had a lot of fun with having the first Starfall Tactics Winter Cup which we, also for the first time, live-streamed on our Twitch Channel. And we certainly have some plans on making another tournament along with the next test - and that's really good news for all who love pvp in Starfall Tactics here Besides, there were four important tests: two Faction Wars tests where we tested many features for the MMO part, including ability to capture territories; a One-Week test to check new Ranked matches system and make a tournament; and a Character Test where we tested a huge update for the MMO mode. That was a very exciting and productive year as the project got a lot of updates and meaningful changes: dozens of new ships and modules, new ranked matches system, new interface, ship progression, huge space structures, House (guild) system, carrier, new races, mining, Challenges, Personal Space structures, strategic resources and much, much more. We hope that upcoming year will bring even greater events, tests and updates as we come closer to the open stage. And of course we have some news: Crafting is a huge and important part of the game: it was implemented previously in the most basic form, for crafting ships. Now, as more resource types and ways to get them are to be added, we extend this system to something greater. To build something you need a project - which is a single disposable thing you can get through many ways: acquire by leveling up, find as loot from NPC ships and bosses, get from research stations or black markets, buy from various space markets for IGC or just get by any other way. The same way is going to be used to craft equipment. Equipment crafting also requires some time to be completed, depending on the complexity of the certain construction - you will see a timer saying how much time left until your equipment will be assembled and ready to be used. There are other important things we should mention here: To craft faction equipment like special Nebulord lasers you will need, for example, a couple copies of usual laser, some resources and special parts which can be salvaged only from Nebulrod ships. That works for all equipment from NPC factions. There is an equipment you can get only or mainly by crafting it. Some projects can allow you to craft a pack of equipment - 10 Screechers autoguns, as an example. To craft something you will always need a project. Project is a thing of a single use only, so if you want to craft two Screechers Helskors, you need two projects. Projects are not account-wide items: each character should get them by their own. In addition to ship equipment, you will be also able to craft other stuff: for example - special consumables which are used to establish Personal Space Structures. If you played some other MMO games, this crafting system should be familiar for you - it's pretty usual for many games and yet enough comfortable along with being entertaining - at least, you don't need to spend hours sitting and watching at grass. Instead, you just enjoy your playtime while collecting all the necessary resources, fight NPC factions in different events, explore the Galaxy or engage into battles with rivals who has a cargo full of precious resources. We've also added a 750 long ship for Deprived faction, battleship Kolgrim:
  8. Another week is over, so we are showing how the work goes on the features we announced and described in previous updates. Also, we have something new to tell you about: salvaging. That's a small part of our resource system, but still an important thing you should know about. - More resources and resource types mean more ways to get them in the game. Right now there are several ways to obtain them in Starfall Tactics: Mining, Colonies on planets, enemy freighters and personal Mining Stations in Outer Regions. Besides, there is also a chance to find something in a cargo of defeated enemy and NPC fleets. And here should come another common method of getting resources - salvaging. Salvaging means disassembling the scraps of ships you destroyed in an attempt to get any precious materials from it. Salvaging module icon So, what do you need to salvage in Starfall Tactics and what you get from that? First of all, you need to equip special module to one of your ships. This module can be found in boosters, or obtained as loot from enemy fleets. After destroying a ship, you have a chance to see salvageable parts. Activate salvage module to start salvaging. By salvaging scraps you have a slight chance to get materials. Materials you salvage can be used, for example, for crafting ships - earlier you could get Screechers ship project, spend some IGC and build it - now it also requires some Screechers ship parts to be built. This way it becomes a really important thing if you plan to fill your ShipYard with dozens of great battlecruisers, battleships, dreadnoughts and even carriers. Another personal space structure you will be able to build in the Outer Regions - Warp Beacon. Warp Beacon helps reach remote space regions without a need to make a long way to your favorite star systems as it allows warping on your Warp Beacon from the Mothership. Still, it doesn't have enough power as a Mothership to initiate your warp back to home systems. As other personal structures, it follows the same common rules: a number of Warp Beacons to build is limited; to stay functional it requires some resources; It is destructible by any hostile forces, but also can perform self-defense. That's a thing we already got pretty far with, although there are still a lot to do about it. So, now you can see eight challenges which you will be able to complete in Starfall Tactics: Cargo Protection - Helps you master hardpoint control as here you need to protect a cargo from small ships with a dreadnought, having several powerful weapons with a long cooldown by pointing a target for every single weapon separately. Mine Defense - The one we previously talked about: here you defend your mothership against enemies using only mines. Rockets - Here you should defeat enemies using rocket ships by escaping from their attacks and outmaneuvering them. Espionage - Stealth mission where you should get past enemies with a small invisible scout and steal as much data as you can. Boarding - This mission you can complete only by carefully boarding ships one by one: the actual goal is to capture several prototype ships. Damage Types - Destroy as much ships as you can, but be careful as you success highly depends on how well you chose counter-tactics. Vision - Teaches you about ship vision and vision mechanics in general. Here you should get out of enemy lines, without any stealth modules or so. Asteroids - A well-known encounter on Galaxy Map also becomes a challenge to help you feel more comfortable with avoiding collisions (although that doesn't mean that we stopped working on this aspect). There might be added other challenges later, of course, but that's the basic set we will have. Have a nice week ;)
  9. Aaand we are back after the test we annoucned with some updates on Starfall Tactics development, new content and features. We are getting ready for the next big game update and huge test dedicated to MMO part of the game (Starfall Tactics is separated for 2 main modes: ranked quick matches and MMO mode (Galaxy Conquest)) - so we add features mostly for this mode and also extend existing content with new ship modules, structures, ships and so on. I'll try to describe most of them as briefely as I can and not bore you with unnecesary details.- First of all, we designed special missions which are more fun than simple tutorials players are usually bored to complete (although we already have and will add some fast tutorials for game basics). It's especially helpfull in our case because of many different and deep mechanics you will normally miss and won't understand from the first try. So, here come Challenges - a special set of missions with rewards which depend on the medal you earned for completing it. It helps players master the game and explains many things deeper than usual, along with being a very fun experience: for example, there is a stealth mission, or a mission where you have to defend against enemies using only mines, or a mission where you have to defeat hige ships by fooling them with small maneuverable vessels and etc. - Galaxy Map Regions is another thing we had in our minds long ago - this thing should be very familiar for you, especially if you know games like EVE. Now we come back to the concept of the Galaxy divided into several huge zones as the time has finally come to make it real and there are some things on the way to the game which require its realization. For example, quests and tutorial missions require a set of safe zones or at least some fixed objects which will remain under control of your faction or neutral, while each faction also should have a minimum unconquerable zone to survive even under high pressure. And here it comes - there will be two main regions in Starfall Tactics: Inner Region and Outer Region, and, additionally, special Home Regions which are located inside Inner Region and dedicated to the specific faction. - Resources: in all previous tests we used only usual things like ore and supplies to, obviously, just test the whole resource system. To be honest, we had a plan that could turn our MMO part into a kind of 4X - and it all sounded really great, with plenty of resources, factories, colonies, precise managment and so on. A really deep and interesting system. That's what you think before it comes to implemeting it into the game and thinking through players behavior which, actually, can't be as perfect as you imagine in your dreams. In other words, it appeared that a group of players taking control over a solid portion of resources and making bad decisions can ruin all the system for their faction. And that's here where we restricted resources control, decreased their number (cause really, why would you need 22 different resources here?). - Personal Space Structures: as long as Outer Region can't be conquered in Starfall Tactics, its' exploration becomes more dangerous and hard, while remaining more profitable. Also, the closer you go to the center of the Galaxy, to the more secure Inner Region or even Home Regions, the more chance that somebody has already got all precious resources from there. That's why we are adding auxiliary sctructures each player can build in Outer Region: they are not as huge as other Stations because of being designed for the profit of a single Commander and will help them by mining some resources or allowing to warp on them directly from the base. Of cause, they cost some resources, can be destroyed and have a maintenance cost. - Message Beacon: Along with mentioned structures, another idea came into our minds: we thought about creating a special one with an ability to leave messages on the Galaxy Map. Just because it's fun - to leave messages which can contain all kind of tips, threatenings or even may be your House advertisement. Later we decided to do not include it as exactly the same structure type and instead make a separate fun thing, a message beacon. This is not a hard structure to construct, but also is not a permanent as this way one day Galaxy becomes a message board. It can't be destroyed manually as you don't usually look for messages in the bottles to burn them, right? So It's life time is limited and directly depends on how much likes or dislikes it receives - in this case, if everybody loves your message, it stays in the space longer with each like. And if your message is not that nice, each dislike decreases a time it stays in the space. And here are some other general updates: - Unit Progression is a thing which we added to our plans long ago, made a concept...but haven't implemented since it takes too much time for 230 units, especially with the concept we had - where most rewards were decrorative - like champion skins or decals. Now it's time to finally make something with it, and, after detailed analysis and discussion, our Team decided to go with a traditional way for unit progression: skill tree with various passive bonuses.Still, we found a way to make it more exciting: each and every ship has its' own Mod (talent) tree with bonuses not only to simple characteristics, but to special modules, certain weapons or types of damage which logically can fit it, engines and even things like cargo. And all together it gives so much variety in building each ship, and a lot of lovely hours to us making 230 skill trees. - We designed a couple of new modules: Plasma Engines (increses maximum ship speeed) and three shield modules which allow to drain, transfer and distribute shield. In fact, new modules in our game is a constant source of new content, at least as long as we have ideas for them - that's like making new skills for new heroes in MOBA games, for example. And to be honest, we've already prepared more than a basic part for alpha, so we will take a short break in making modules. - "Dozens of pirate Commanders from all over the Galaxy fighting as one, side by side...it's quite a strange situation for this type of people!" - we once thought. So, the Team came to a decision to separate them into several huge bands with their own organization, ships, history, weapons and, in general, just different fleets and behavior. I don't really think you are interested in reading their short stories or detailed description, so let's just show their bases: We also have all these models on our Sketchfab page. - You probably met a situation when you want to add something into the game, but it really looks too OP to be there. It could be a pain unless you realise why it is so op: in our case, we wanted to add a Support Station you can build in a quick match survival mode, in pvp ranked battles or while destroying/defending enemy base on a Galaxy Map. Long story short, we couldn't actually do it unless we finally made repairng a passive thing generally for these types of structures. Now it works just fine. So, here are all the main changes for the past month, not including other lesser improvements, visual ship rework, tones of work with interfaces and, of course, all stuff we needed to implemet this changes and so on. If you need more information on a certain feature from this post - you can find some in a news section on our website. Also, if you are not familiar with Starfall Tactics in general and haven't followed our topic on the forum some things might be not so clear - feel free to ask away in this case. See you!
  10. Aaaand another update for Starfall Tactics - The third pirate Mothership for Screechers faction, which was already used as a general pirate base, is here again. We modified it a little to fit the Screechers concept and make it as great as others, so now you can see a full 3D model on our Sketchfab page. - we continue the never-ending interface improvement work, partly changing it to fit the needs of new features and make you feel more comfortable. These changes even included battle interface and many other important aspects of the game. - Besides, as we moved to the latest Unreal Engine version which finally included a built-in ability to use hardware cursor, we now use this hardware cursor which will let players feel more comfortable than ever and don't suffer a lag if overall game performance is not very good for them. - we presented the full list of resources, which appeared to be pretty long - so there will be some changes to resource system later.
  11. Aaand we are back after the test with some updates on Starfall Tactics development, new content and features. - First of all, we designed special missions which are more fun than simple tutorials players are usually bored to complete (although we already have and will add some fast tutorials for game basics). It's especially helpfull in our case because of many different and deep mechanics you will normally miss and won't understand from the first try. So, here come Challenges - a special set of missions with rewards *which depends on the medal you earned for completing it. It helps players master the game and explains many things deeper than usual, along with being a very fun experience: for example, there is a stealth mission, or a mission where you have to defend against enemies using only mines, or a mission where you have to defeat hige ships by fooling them with small maneuverable vessels and etc.  - After detailed analysis and discussion, our Team decided to go with a more traditional way for unit progression: skill tree with various passive bonuses. Still, we found a way to make it exciting: each and every ship has its' own talent tree with bonuses not only to simple characteristics, but to special modules, certain weapons or types of damage which logically can fit it, engines and even things like cargo. And all together it gives so much variety in building each ship, and a lot of lovely hours to our game designer who is currently busy making 180 skill trees. ;)  - We designed a couple of new modules: Plasma Engines (increses maximum ship speeed) and a three shield modules which allow to drain, transfer and distribute shield.  - We also added two models for pirate bases: 
  12. Heey, we have exciting news for you! The next Starfall Tactics test is coming, and it features some Alpha content we have just announced! Starfall Tactics test starts 24th April 14:00 CET and lasts until 1st May 23:59 CET. To play the game during this period, simply apply here or just update your client, if you already got access for any previous event. Snowforged Team worked hard to add new content, features and, at the same time - done a huge work with internal part of the game by changing and improving code to let the game be better in future. So, now many parts of the game have to be tested again to let us fix most disastrous bugs and mistakes - that's where we need your helping hand. !Note that we give the first two days for new testers so they could get used to the game, while experienced Starfall Tactics players can help us in initial bug hunting - during scheduled maintenance on 26th (wednesday) we plan a slight faction progress wipe affecting captured systems, colonies and stations only along with some general fixes. Enter Starfall Tactics universe once more to discover how we changed it - this time you will be able to see the following features: Character creation and progression (limited) New ship class - Carriers Mining New Fleet Editor - Shipyard Basic crafting system And more - full list will be available later. Get ready to spend more time on getting new equipment: we are going to put you into conditions which are much closer to what you will see on beta stage or release of the game. Still, this small test is dedicated to a quick technical check of upcoming features - so don't hesitate to let us know if something goes wrong by posting on the forum or sending a letter to support@snowforged.com! See you in Starfall Tactics!
  13. Hello all, we are happy to welcome you in Starfall Tactics blog on Gamedev.net! You could have already seen some info about the game on Gamedev.net forum, but let's add a short description for those who don't know anything about the game and our small independet studio: Developer: Snowforged Entertainment, Based in Irkutsk, Siberia Release date: Projected aEUR" 2017 Website: starfalltactics.com Platforms: Windows; Mac, Linux - TBD Genre: MMO Real-Time Strategy with Wargame elements Engine: Unreal Engine 4 Starfall Tactics is a hardcore mix of RTS and Wargame genres, which allows you to build a space fleet of your dreams, battle against other players in quick and ranked matches and discover a huge Galaxy you can conquer. Exciting quick PvP matches for advanced strategists and wargamers, challenging PvE missions, plenty of tactical choices, in-depth customization of every unit in your army, nice visual component and a huge open world for MMO fans - it's all about this game. We'll start our blog from a test invite post and will add some work in progress articles later - so stay tuned! Starfall Tactics invites all RTS and MMO fans, wargamers, strategists and just every player to check upcoming MMO Real-Time Wargame and hunt down some bugs starting 24th April 14:00 CET. Apply for the test here. Snowforged Team worked hard to add new content, features and, at the same time - done a huge work with internal part of the game by changing and improving code to let the game be better in future. So, now many parts of the game have to be tested again to let us fix most disastrous bugs and mistakes - that's where we need a helping hand. Participate in intense Ranked battles, conquer persistent Galaxy and check several new features: Character creation and progression (limited) New ship class - Carriers Reworked Main Menu Mining New Fleet Editor - Shipyard New shield modules And more - check patch notes to see full list of changes. (available on Friday) It's up to you to decide whether you want to climb the ladder in ranked quick matches or level up your character in the MMO mode by colonizing planets, fighting for territories or mining precious resources. This small test is dedicated to a quick technical check of upcoming features - so we welcome all feedback and bugreports :lol: See you in Starfall Tactics! Feel free to ask away any questions here
  14. For the past year we held five open tests, and each gave us new important information about different aspects of the game - sometimes disappointing, but more often - surprising. The Team can not wait to launch Starfall Tactics, but we have postponed this moment for a while, understanding that there are not enough content, some technical issues to be solved, some mechanics to be tweaked, and there are many more ideas that we want to check and possibly add to the game. Starfall Tactics was at the Pre-Alpha stage precisely because we were primarily engaged in research and checked various mechanics. And today we are happy to inform that most researches are completed, we see the form in which the game should be launched well and we have already started developing the Alpha version of Starfall Tactics! It's time to tell about all upcoming changes:   MMO and Ranked Mode - For a long time now our game has been trying to combine two completely different, interesting, but poorly compatible parts: an MMO, where progression and exploring are very important, and a rating session-based game, where players must compete in 100% equal conditions. After the last test and the tournament we have held, we came to the decision to split the game into two general modes. Characters - As in many MMO games, now you will be able to create a character, customize it, give it a name and, of course, choose a faction. Shipyard - a place, where you can create and store your ships: as we are adding Commanders with a strictly defined faction, there is no need to create several fleets any more - customization menu will change significantly, including visual part (sure, it's going to be beautiful!) Shipyard (sketch) Blueprints - There is a lot of new content incoming for the MMO part of Starfall Tactics: there are some plans for the questing system, new NPC factions, stations, House features, a variety of opportunities for exploring the Galaxy and the already mentioned crafting system, along with resource extraction. And in order to provide you with more familiar MMO experience, especially by getting new equipment from challenging battles against bosses, rare merchants on the borders of the Galaxy, we decided to abandon the blueprint concept. Now, instead of 3 blueprints, each booster pack contains 10-15 pieces of various equipment with a total cost exceeding the IGC cost of the booster. In general, there is a large number of ways to get modules now, and you have even more chances to get the exact module you need for your fleet. Crafting - Due to many innovations in the MMO part of the game, which include crafting system and the ability to extract resources (we will be telling more about it in next articles), most technologies in Starfall Tactics can now be crafted - first of all - ships. For example, to build a ship, you will need to get a ship project (can be found on the vasts of the Galaxy, in shops, loot or in booster packs with ships) and spend certain amount of resources like ore (it used to be available during previous tests). It's not so difficult if you have a couple of faithful comrades and your own House. Low tech level ships can still be built by simply spending a small amount of IGC (in-game currency). Some ships are available through faction progression, for gaining ranks. Ranked mode - You still can get into Ranked Mode simply by pushing one button - find it in the menu at the top of your screen. By pushing it, you change all the information and menus into Ranked Mode. Push it again, to switch back to MMO mode. Just reminding: the main feature of this mode is that all Ranked players get completely identical module and ship sets.  Rating Currency - By winning ranked battles, you climb the ladder and now can get a special rating currency, which you can spend on visual ship customization. We have planned the following ranked modes: Duels - main mode with 1vs1 battles. CoOp duels - 2x2 battles. It's always more fun with friends ;) Brawls - a set of less serious modes, for example:  - One ship - here you have only one ship.  - Plasma Web madness - there are no weapons except for Plasma Web Module.  - Only frigates - only frigate class ships are available.   Eventually we plan to rework the rating system itself - the algorithm for calculating rating points, the type of the rating table itself and other related nuances will completely change. Piece by piece, we are going to introduce seasonal system and special rewards for them.   We also remember about tournaments - a littlle bit later we will start improving its' functionality, spectator mode and, if possible, will hold new interesting tournaments with live broadcasts, prizes and other attributes for this type of events.   Of course, the changes described here are far from all that we have planned. Here's a short list of other changes, which we are going to show and describe later: Character Progression - Ship Progression - Detachment Progression New economy and planet colonization Houses, progression and management Changes in combat mechanics New NPC factions Tutorials and Challanges and more. More information about all the changes and why we implemented it are available on our website.
  15. This week was as great as usual and here are some stuff we've recently done - hope you'll like it :)        Almace, Vanguard Carrier - the first Carrier to appear in Starfall Tactics - it is the biggest ship in the game so far - 1200 long and twice wider than normal dreadnought.   Active Module Hack - special module, which activates all modules of the target ship simultaneously and chooses random targets and areas for them.     Centenary, Eclipse Carrier. It still has to pass a long way before at least being added to the gallery of 3D ship models - but you can already see it's great form on 2D and 3D sketches made by our artists.
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