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  1. JO3KUL

    Wanting to make games for android

    thank you. After talking with you guys, I'm gonna use unity's engine instead. But I gotta learn c# sharp first. Thank you guys.
  2. JO3KUL

    Wanting to make games for android

    ok, cool. Thank s for the help
  3. JO3KUL

    Wanting to make games for android

    Hmm, I see. So the first thing I should do is learn c# and then start experimenting with unity?
  4. JO3KUL

    Wanting to make games for android

    Wait, so hypothetically speaking, if I were to make an android game with the free version of the unity engine, and I made under the $100,000 year mark, I wouldn't have to worry about the pro version? Also, since alberth said go for 1 language at a time, would c++ be another good language to learn for unity, or instead just focus more on c#?
  5. JO3KUL

    Wanting to make games for android

    Well...I don't have any experience in programming or the unreal engine. And I'd rather stick with unreal because, well personally I think it's ridiculous that unity charges 75 bucks a month just so you can get your games published, I can't afford that kind of money. So, would unreal be a bad idea for android game development? And should I learn java, c++ and c#?
  6. Hi, I don't know if this question has been asked but I'm interested in making some games for android, but I'm not too sure where to start. I plan on using unreal game engine and android studio. I don't know if I should learn java, c++, c# or all three and if I should learn/use flash as well. This is all I know, I don't know anything else I need to learn or other programs I need to have. I want to make 2d, 2.5d and 3d games, there are a few of particular 2.5d games called dungeon fighter online,  castle crashers and double neon dragon that I would like to make in that type of basic structure and a 3d game like how hydro thunder hurricane was basically structured as well.
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