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  1. Paulo Kaedo

    What is more charged?

    Hey guys. I want to study game programming to enter the labor market. But what is the largest charges of companies? Unity, Html5, SDL... What is up?
  2. Paulo Kaedo

    Sprite Sheet Doubt

    What i can use to help to create Sprite sheet with same dimensions? Have some tutorial?
  3. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL for Android

    Hey guys. Is possible create games with C++ and SDL2 for Android Mobile? Will work well?   Thanks!
  4. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Image

    Hey Guy, help me install SDL Image on my DEV C++ I tried some ways , but i failed D: I saw in some tutorials, but it did not work Thanks!
  5. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Key Delay

    while (SDL_PollEvent(&ev) !=0) { //inicio do eventHandle if (ev.type == SDL_QUIT || ev.key.keysym.sym == SDLK_ESCAPE) { isRunning = false; } if(ev.type == SDL_KEYDOWN) { switch(ev.key.keysym.sym) { case SDLK_RIGHT: flipTheDog = frontDog; quadradoOrigem.x +=35; if (quadradoOrigem.x > 70) { quadradoOrigem.x = 0; } break; Hello Again Guys!   Programming my first game in SDL, the Kakorro's Quest it was that I found a doubt.. I was programed the basic walk animation. Until here, it's all ok. But, when i pressed a Key, and keep it pressed, the game takes a delay to recognize the next keypressed... this causes a stop motion in the animation, like the dog walking animation, then stops for a little delay, then do the animation normally.   How i can fix that?   My code:    
  6. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Texture Invert

    What the diference between RenderCopy and RenderCopyEx?
  7. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Texture Invert

    Hey guys, how i can invert a image in SDL Texture?  To reuse sprite sheets to move to the left.  
  8. Paulo Kaedo

    Hello! Where To Start C++

    Before start programming games, put one thing on you head: Forget Super Mario games. Start programming Pong or Asteroid, because if you want start program a big game, certainly you will want give up because is to hard start a project  without knowledge 
  9. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Games

    Thanks man!
  10. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL Games

    Hey guys Where i can found source code game written in SDL ? I need simple games to learn in pratice. Thanks everyone!
  11. Paulo Kaedo

    2D game character

    Cool!  you have a project for that character? xD
  12. Paulo Kaedo

    Help me find tutorial to make this type of game

    What Programming Language GameMake use?
  13. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL doubts

    So, the most indicated to make a game is use SLD_Renderer with SDL_Texture, right?
  14. Paulo Kaedo

    SDL doubts

    Hiho Guys!   I'm now start to program in SDL.  And i got a new doubt Some people use sdL_Surface to handle images in window, and others uses sdl_textures.. What's the diference between the two? And the diference between renderer and surface to create the background of the window?   Thanks Everyone! 
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