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    Advice for start-up

      Thank you for the response =)
  2. Gsuskrist

    Advice for start-up

    First I'd like to thank you all for the feedback. I'm an international business graduate with a marketing specialization, so what I am looking to offer is product placement plans, attracting funding and general knowledge of all facets of running a company. The idea is that I make sure all the team's focus can be targeted towards production. So far I have a concrete design for the game, a marketing plan, an analysis on the market, competitors and a forecast. I did not include that information, mainly because I did not want to scare people of with 40 slides of PowerPoint.
  3. Gsuskrist

    Advice for start-up

    I aspire to start a game studio and  I am looking for potential partners that share my vision. I have put together a PowerPoint to quickly communicate my vision for the company and give a broad idea of what I have in mind for the first project. Here is the link to the PowerPoint: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3swkea8cvfsm9cb/Blazing%20Pi%C3%B1ata%20Games.pptx?dl=0   I would like to ask for feedback and for any advice on where I can best look for people to team up with. Any feedback is appreciated! Kind regards
  4. Gsuskrist

    Humbly asking for advice

    Thank you guys for all the feedback. I will be more cautious next time in describing the wonderful people that would potentially help me realize my goals. I'm looking to take care of the business side of things ( Funding and keeping things running ).  I will take your advice and try to find people that share my vision for the company rather than finding people that support my first project! Thanks a lot!
  5. So I'm a guy with a business profile that is looking for human capital to start a gaming studio.  My question is where would be the best place to look for and approach people with my idea? Kind regards.
  6. Follow these steps to figure out if you're the guy for the job  ( Yes = proceed, No = This is probably not for you) : 1) Are you a graduate or starting developer/2D or 3D artist/ programmer ?  2) Do you like football as a sport and enjoy atleast 1 of the following games: Football manager, OSM, fifa, Inzuma 11? 3) Are you able to work on a project starting from last quarter 2015 ? I am an international business student with a passion for games and have been looking for ways into the industry ever since I have started the program. I am looking to start a game development company as I am actually a huge incognito nerd and truly believe that pixelmanagement is my dream job.  As a part of my graduation program I am into the position to build a company under the supervision of seasoned experts in the field of entrepreneurship and I believe this to create a unique position for start-ups.  I am looking for a team that is willing to work on a project that I have drafted from scratch (open for discussion of course) in this favorable position by joining an incubator program ( Dutchgamegarden). What I can offer:  Financial management, legal management, marketing, sales, attracting investors. Basically everything you guys do NOT want to deal with whilst doing what you do best!  I have prepared business and revenue models for this specific project and they are ready to be presented to investors and Dutchgamegarden. I am on somewhat of a clock as I am to decide wether I graduate in the entrepreneur program or go the classic route of taking an internship.
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