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  1. all you have to do is sign up to devdog and get your chance to win over 100$ of free software to jump start your indie game with   Inventory pro it has everything pretty much to start your game from health to crafting   and quest pro for in game quest of any kind but is also much more   and a few other things with life time support     http://vy.tc/bXUGb
  2. T.T.B.K No Rest For The Wicked Tyrion The Black Knight A upcoming video game about the realm of knight. The game follows The Black Knight (Tyrion) after 1000years being traped in (Tartarus) by the gods for his crimes of conquering & slaughtering the realm of knights. He has been summoned back to save them from a new threat (Lord Skellitor) and his army. The high knight(Bob) with his trusted companions the knights right hand (Valkrie)and the Vikings best warrior(Vali) ask for his hel...
  3. Earn your FREE entry into a PokerStars #WCOOP event with PokerSchoolOnline, check it out! http://t.co/syc2XxQnNq via @PokerStarsPSO
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