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  1. Could this article, and Part 1, be brought up to date, and be written from the perspective of someone doing these things for the very first time? In Part 1 there were a couple of places where the current system appears to work slightly differently to that described in the article, but I was able to work out how to proceed. However, in this part, the Set up Continuous Integration Build process appears to be completely different, and I have hit a point where I simply cannot see how to proceed. EDIT: I figured out what I needed to do - at the point where you say 'Back in visual studio, hop to the "Builds" tab in Team Explorer' and then 'Click "New Build definition"' if you click "New Build definition" in the Team Explorer that opens up a page on Visual Studio Online - what is needed instead is to go to Build->New Build Definition within VS2015. I think...
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