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  1. Hello everyone,

    this is our new gameplay trailer in which you can see improved graphics, new traps and points of interest, completely new weapons and animations including close combat, fight with boss and other gameplay elements. Killing Room is coming on Steam in 2016 and it will bring great mix of roguelike and FPS genres with RPG elements, reality-show setting and many popculture references.






    More on: http://killingroom.aldagames.com/

  2. Hello everyone!


    Killing Room is our new game and it is rogue-lite FPS. You play as participant of cruel reality show from future (something like Running Man).

    • Random generation of levels and rooms in levels
    • Random generation of characters
    • Permadeath
    • 100 unique Items that really change game when you find some
    • TV host comments your progress and actions (current one in trailer is crappy, we will change it)
    • Lots of enemies, traps, puzzles and points of interest
    • Popularity meter that determines how AI audience (thinking about real people now but no promises) likes you - and if it likes you, it rewards you (and if not... well, people can be really cruel)








    Our web page: http://killingroom.aldagames.com/

    Our studio web page: https://aldagames.com/

    Greenlight page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=494504357



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