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    WIP - Charisma the (Space) Chameleon

    Nice job on the speech bubbles. I like the character overall. Kind of a medium poly look. The gameplay concept you linked to is crazy. Satisfies a childhood itch of wanting to explore everything. I'll be watching this one!
  2. timtom

    Level Design Requirements?

    Probably best self marketing is to make a website that shows off your design assets. Images and maybe the occasional flythrough video. No one is going to read code / trigger events in a portfolio, probably. A website is easy to share and generate buzz for, especially if it's visually pleasing
  3. timtom

    In-game taxation model

    Some games can be TOO realistic you know :P I think it depends on a nalance between mechanics and gameplay. It sounds like you're over complicating it and it will be confusing for the player. One or two "tax" models might make sense if they're simple. More than that sounds potentially frustrating
  4. timtom

    New fast way to loop!

    Will port all projects to this ASAP!
  5. timtom

    Seamless Noise

    Here's the tiling noise function live in your browser: http://shaderfrog.com/app/view/254   The code in this post is pretty hard to understand. it's undocumented and unexplained. Should be easier to grasp in the running shader.
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