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  1. Geejayz

    Questions on Game Art

    This is great information guys - thanks for all your comments and the link to the post on this. Sorry for hijacking your thread somewhat Theomeny but hope this perhaps helps you out also.
  2. Geejayz

    Questions on Game Art

    @kburkhart84, I'm interested in this comment. I think I understand what you are suggesting. Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this? I'm assuming this means using something like Unity or Blender to convert a 3D Model view into a spritesheet somehow.
  3. Hi Keruyo   When you say you won't use engines such as Unity or Unreal, is it because you would prefer to learn to code with a language rather than using a game engine? If you want to make a 3D game, they will certainly do much of the heavy lifting for you.   I think most people will recommend you start small and build from there.   So far, I have coded Hangman, Deal or No Deal, a remake of a Commodore64 Graphic Adventure game and now I'm making a Zombie racing game. None of these even involve physics yet :)   I'm making all of these in JavaScript mainly because they run in a standard web browser.   I would encourage you to make smaller goals to begin with and go forward from there.   Good luck.
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