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  1. Geejayz

    Questions on Game Art

    This is great information guys - thanks for all your comments and the link to the post on this. Sorry for hijacking your thread somewhat Theomeny but hope this perhaps helps you out also.
  2. Geejayz

    Questions on Game Art

    @kburkhart84, I'm interested in this comment. I think I understand what you are suggesting. Is there a tutorial that explains how to do this? I'm assuming this means using something like Unity or Blender to convert a 3D Model view into a spritesheet somehow.
  3. Hi Keruyo   When you say you won't use engines such as Unity or Unreal, is it because you would prefer to learn to code with a language rather than using a game engine? If you want to make a 3D game, they will certainly do much of the heavy lifting for you.   I think most people will recommend you start small and build from there.   So far, I have coded Hangman, Deal or No Deal, a remake of a Commodore64 Graphic Adventure game and now I'm making a Zombie racing game. None of these even involve physics yet :)   I'm making all of these in JavaScript mainly because they run in a standard web browser.   I would encourage you to make smaller goals to begin with and go forward from there.   Good luck.
  4. Geejayz

    Can't learn c++

    Hi Green_Fox,   Sites like Codecademy are great for learning and I like that style of learning myself. Essentially, you want small progressive steps with examples to try out and build on. I couldn't find anything online specifically like that. I understand you are limited by the curriculum your school has and what software you can use. The closest solution I could find was this: http://www.tutorialspoint.com/cplusplus/index.htm It has some try it code sections but nothing as interactive as codecademy unfortunately.   "Servant of the Lord" above has some great advice. I now code with a PDF open in one half of my screen and a programming application open in the other half. This would only be an option for you if you had a PC of your own at home where you could install software and download PDFs etc of your own.   Best of luck!   G.J.
  5. Hi JETeran,   Can you add your code for the inventory object?   GJ
  6. Hi Michael,   This may not be actually what you want but it may be of some help... https://github.com/nbrookie/game_programming_21_days_allegro   Have a search for the book name plus github, source code, or CD on google and see what you can track down. I believe that is a fairly old book you have.
  7. Hi Snatcher,   Have you considered using a programming language instead? It would give you the ability to build on your efforts from creating this in the future. I'm currently learning javascript and am working on a text adventure also with some graphics. Good luck either way and let us know how you get on.
  8. Geejayz

    My Hero Trainer

    Good luck with your project JindoBlu. I had a look at your site and it looks real good.
  9. Thanks Happy Coder, that gives me plenty to check out. I don't understand it all yet but at least now I know what to investigate.
  10. Hi all,   I decided to start my game development efforts by making a 'Deal or No Deal' style game. So far I have it create 8 boxes in the browser window, the player chooses one to keep, then picks boxes one by one until they either deal or there are two boxes left. I initially set up the program using arrays only but then started to learn more about objects. I have created a boxObject but feel there could perhaps be room for adding more of my program into the object that creates the boxes to reduce repetition - I am stuck however and would welcome some advice.   The code for the main script is below (I haven't included the html or css code). // Set Up All Required Game Variables and initialise Game Requirements var SIZE = 50; var SPACE = 10; var selectedBox; var selectedBoxId; var playerBox = []; var boxNo =[]; var totalCash =0; var cashLeftInGame = 0; var lowestValue; var highestValue; var moneyLeft = []; var bankerOffer;          var money = [50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000, 10000];      // Randomise placement of money inside boxes shuffle(money);          var boxArray = []; var boxObject = {     boxID : undefined,     boxNo : undefined,     boxValue : undefined,     open : false }; //Create a boxObject for each value that the money array contains for (var i=0; i < money.length; i++) {     boxArray[i] = Object.create(boxObject); //create one box for each array index     boxArray[i].boxValue = money[i]; //set the value of each box to the value from the money array     boxArray[i].boxID = parseInt(i+1); //give each box an ID from 1 to number of boxes     console.log(boxArray[i].boxID + ':' + boxArray[i].boxValue); } var round = 0; var roundLimit = boxArray.length-1; console.log(boxArray); displayBoard(); addClickHandlers(); output.innerHTML = "Welcome to Deal or No Deal"; output.innerHTML +="<br/> Please choose your box to bring to the table"; function displayBoard() {     //Clear the stage of any previous elements     stage.innerHTML = "";          for (var i=0; i < boxArray.length; i++) {                  //create a div html element called boxImage         var boxImage = document.createElement("div");                              //set its CSS class to "cell"         boxImage.setAttribute("class","cell");                  //give it an ID of boxID from 1 to boxes.length         console.log(boxArray[i].boxID);         boxImage.setAttribute("id", "boxNo" + (boxArray[i].boxID));                      //add the div element to the stage         stage.appendChild(boxImage);                  //add box number inside the image         boxImage.innerHTML = boxArray[i].boxID;                  if (boxArray[i].open === true) {             boxImage.style.backgroundColor = "grey";             boxImage.style.cursor = "default";         }                      boxImage.style.left = parseInt(boxArray[i].boxID) * (boxArray[i].SIZE + SPACE) + "px";         boxImage.style.top = "50px";     }      } function addClickHandlers() {     for (var i=0; i < boxArray.length; i++) {         //Add eventListeners to each unopened box to determine which is clicked                  if (boxArray[i].open === false) {         boxNo[i] = document.getElementById('boxNo' + (boxArray[i].boxID));         boxNo[i].addEventListener("click", clickHandler);         boxNo[i].index = i; // create a parameter to link the index to each box         }     } } function removeHandlers() {     for (var i=0; i < boxArray.length; i++) {         boxNo[i] = document.getElementById('boxNo' + (boxArray[i].boxID));         boxNo[i].removeEventListener("click", clickHandler);     } } function clickHandler(event){     selectedBox = parseInt(event.target.innerHTML);     selectedBoxId = event.target.id;     selectedBoxIndex = event.target.index;     console.log('Box No Clicked: ' + selectedBox);     console.log('Index: ' + selectedBoxIndex);     removeHandlers();     validateInput(); } function validateInput() {     playGame(); } function playGame() {     output.innerHTML = "";     if (round === 0) {         //Set playerBox to the value of the selected box         playerBox = boxArray[selectedBoxIndex];                      //Remove the selected box from the array;         boxArray.splice(selectedBoxIndex,1);              //Redraw the board         displayBoard();              //Add the playerBox to the table area         //create a div html element called boxImage         var boxImage = document.createElement("div");                              //set its CSS class to "cell"         boxImage.setAttribute("class","cell");         boxImage.setAttribute("id","boxNo" + (playerBox.boxID));                      //add the div element to the stage         table.appendChild(boxImage);         boxImage.style.position = "static";         boxImage.style.margin = "40px auto";                  //add box number inside the image         boxImage.innerHTML = playerBox.boxID;              console.log(playerBox);                      output.innerHTML = "You have chosen box number " + selectedBox;         output.innerHTML += "<br/>We're ready to go. Please choose your first box to open.";         addClickHandlers();     }          else {         output.innerHTML = "Your selected box contains $" + boxArray[selectedBoxIndex].boxValue;         boxArray[selectedBoxIndex].open = true;         makeOffer();         playerDecision();     }          round = round + 1;     console.log('Round: '+round); } function makeOffer() {     //reset values     totalCash=0;     cashLeftInGame=0;     moneyLeft = [];          for (i=0; i < money.length; i++) {         totalCash += money[i];     }     for (i=0; i < boxArray.length; i++) {         if (boxArray[i].open === false) {             cashLeftInGame += boxArray[i].boxValue;             moneyLeft.push(boxArray[i].boxValue);         }     }     cashLeftInGame += playerBox.boxValue; //Add in the cash in playerBox that no-one has seen yet.          lowestValue = getMin(moneyLeft);     highestValue = getMax(moneyLeft);     averageValue = (cashLeftInGame / moneyLeft.length);          bankerOffer = ((cashLeftInGame/2/moneyLeft.length)*0.55).toFixed(2);     console.log('Boxes Left:' + moneyLeft.length);          output.innerHTML += ". <br/> The banker offers you $" + bankerOffer; } function playerDecision(){     removeHandlers();     displayBoard();     controls.style.display = "block";     deal.onclick = function(){endGame('deal');};     noDeal.onclick = function(){nextRound();}; } function nextRound() {     if(round === roundLimit) {         console.log('LastRound');         controls.style.display = "none";         output.innerHTML = "That was the last round and you have ";         output.innerHTML +="<br/> decided to keep your box";         output.innerHTML +="<br/> Let's see what it contained...";         setTimeout(function(){ endGame('keepBox'); }, 5000);     }     else {         controls.style.display = "none";         output.innerHTML = "OK, let's play on. Welcome to Round " + round;         output.innerHTML +="<br/> Please choose your next box to open";         addClickHandlers();     } } function endGame(choice){     controls.style.display = "none";     output.innerHTML = "Your box contained $" + playerBox.boxValue;     output.innerHTML += "<br/> The banker's offer was $" + bankerOffer;          if ((playerBox.boxValue < bankerOffer) && (choice === 'deal')) {         output.innerHTML += "<br/> Congratulations, you beat the banker.";     }     else if ((playerBox.boxValue < bankerOffer) && (choice === 'keepBox')) {         output.innerHTML += "<br/> You could have walked away with more money.";     }     else if ((playerBox.boxValue > bankerOffer) && (choice === 'keepBox')) {         output.innerHTML += "<br/> Congratulations, you beat the banker.";     }     else {         output.innerHTML += "<br/> You could have walked away with more money.";     } } // A function to randomly shuffle items in an array function shuffle(myArray) {     for (var i = myArray.length-1; i >=0; i--) {               var randomIndex = Math.floor(Math.random()*(i+1));         var itemAtIndex = myArray[randomIndex];                   myArray[randomIndex] = myArray[i];         myArray[i] = itemAtIndex;     } } function getMin(array) {     return Math.min.apply(0, array); } function getMax(array) {     return Math.max.apply(0, array); }  
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