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  1. UnshavenBastard

    Sound FX HW in PC games today

    Howdy folks. I've been out of the loop for many years. I remember the glorious days when I played Unreal 1 with my SoundBlaster-Live! and headphones, and it all sounded so real like I was really "in there", all the stuff those things emulated. Fast-Forward maybe 15 years or so. Then the last thing I remember reading that as of some Windows versions ago, EAX (and similar) is dead, not supported, and that's it. I haven't followed the development of what came out of that. Then we have today. Now I wonder mainly about 2 things: 1) Is everything that those dedicated hardware cards did years ago, done in software these days, presumably by a few big middleware flavors, as you can just throw a CPU core at it? 2) I see you can still buy expensive dedicated sound cards e.g. by Creative for more money than some people pay for their PC mainboard. What do they actually do vs. on-board sound "cards" (mainboard)? - unshaven
  2. "Any international Internet forum works for" teaching you at best partially subtly *wrong* English ;-) Properly edited books do (hopefully) not have that problem. Some people might think "who cares" or "what's 'wrong' anyway". Well, I'm with Weird Al on that one, and she is too :-D  
  3. Hey there. My mother never learned English in school. (in Soviet Germany, English learned you! No wait, that joke doesn't work here... Nastrovie!) She started to learn English a while ago, with some app on her Android phone. In the long run, I'm sure it makes more sense for her to actually read (and "fight through") texts, not just little examples, and esp. not the mere "tourist English" kind of stuff. Can any of you recommend books with simple enough English for that to not be *too much* of a challenge? I'm pretty sure she wouldn't even mind children's books ;-) One of her major hobbies is painting in all sorts of techniques, though. She even started fiddling with computer based painting recently. I wouldn't reckon there to be any interesting books about those topics in beginner-friendly English, but what do I know what one-of-a-kind of book may exist that e.g. some of the artists on here may know about, so I just mention it. I guess also hearing English makes sense, although being able to read text is most important. If any simple-ish English films or other media come to mind, don't hesitate to mention them!   Thanks in advance, - unshaven  
  4. By the way, if I was to try out DX11 - is it feasible to do that within .NET / C# ? I saw there's a still developed (from the looks of it) wrapper called "SharpDX". Is that well usable, or as cumbersome and more of bricks in the way like some other .NET wrappers to e.g. OGL that I've seen? Programming the scaffolding that does something with DX graphics experiments, and debug helpers and all that, would be so much nicer in C# than C++ ;-)  
  5. @ TheItalianJob71: As I see it, this is the beginning of a series? The easy stuff usually comes at the beginning? Is it bad to allow beginners of the topic to get an intro? I disagree that gamedevnet is only or mostly visited by "advanced users" - not advanced in every area they may be intrested in. At least the GDN I remember was a place for pure hobbyists, pros, wannabe pros to meet and exchange, spanning a vast area of topics and depths, and noone minded. Granted, I'm rarely here these days.
  6. UnshavenBastard

    Never Team Up with the Idea Guy

    "Remember the 1% inspiration 99% perspiration quote by Edison?" Then again, Edison was quite a dull fella, and not the big genius as who he's often portrayed. But I digress :-D I certainly know the loud fellas who are super confident and "know everything", and tend to ruin projects. They tend to be bosses.
  7. UnshavenBastard

    Design Patterns: Singleton Basics

    @ rozz666 "They aren't. They cause coupling and make other classes difficult to unit-test among other things (which are listed in the post above)." Now taking that as general comment on design patterns, I call BS. Do you use lists? Vectors? Do you use known algorithms as building blocks for your programs, instead of inventing everything from scratch? Then you are relying on design patterns. GoF coined the name, but "design patterns" are not what they gave examples for or that came after them..., nor did they originate in software development.
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