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  1. I actually have four vertices and six indices per quad, like float verticeData[] = {100, 100, 1, 100, 300, 1, 300, 300, 1, 300, 100, 1}; uint indexData[] = {0, 1, 2, 0, 2, 3}. There shouldn't be any different on the corner vertices I guess. But thanks for the help
  2. "In this recipe, we'll use SSBOs and image load/store to implement order-independent transparency. We'll use two passes. In the first pass, we'll render the scene geometry and store a linked list of fragments for each pixel. After the first pass, each pixel will have a corresponding linked list containing all fragments that were written to that pixel including their depth and color. In the second pass, we'll draw a full-screen quad to invoke the fragment shader for each pixel. In the fragment shader, we'll extract the linked list for the pixel, sort the fragments by depth (largest to smallest), and blend the colors in that order. The final color will then be sent to the output device." some thing like that
  3. I tried to use drawelements, but results are quite the sam. and I also tried to use triangle_fans and triangle_strips which doesn't work either...
  4. hi! I've just implemented OIT using the recipe in opengl4 shading language cookbook and I draw some quads. It works, but the diagonal line are less transparent as if fragments there are drawn twice. Then I drop my code and copy everything from the recipe in that book but the diagonal lines are still seen clearly...here is a screenshot: how could this happed?... [sharedmedia=gallery:images:7463]  
  5. sunsflower


  6. hi, I wonder if anyone has made any larger game(many many renderings i mean) with love2d? or is it too slow to do that? thanks!
  7. sunsflower

    OpenGL opengl proper using of program

    sorry but I still dont get it...I mean if I have a fragment shader subroutine that use a texture and another subroutine that uses only vertex color, how can I merge these two into one in order to minimize states changes? seems impossible to me
  8. sunsflower

    OpenGL opengl proper using of program

    sorry for the late reply... :( but in this way I have to compile many program objects and switch between them during runtime. if so, will it damage performance of thr program?
  9. sunsflower

    OpenGL c++ gui library suitable for game?

    thanks, I find imgui to be very nice1
  10. sunsflower

    OpenGL c++ gui library suitable for game?

    and if I want to wirte an editor with opengl content, can I use imgui? or wxwidgets or cegui will be better? (should I even write one myself...) :)
  11. hi! I wonder is there any good gui libraries for games? I've searched for some time but nothing is quite satisfying. those libs are without opengl support, or control the mainloop...Any advice? thanks!
  12. sunsflower

    OpenGL opengl proper using of program

    ok, thanks very much!
  13. If I have some shader functions to draw single meshes with large number of vertices, some brushes with gradient colors, some particles, should I put these functions in different render passes in a single program or in different programs? will switch programs will do much damage to performce?
  14. sunsflower

    Is making game with c possible?

    oh thanks very much! I guess I should go on writing the game instead of sticking to such questions...
  15. why we always use c++? what is the advantanges of c++ over c in game development? and does making game with c makes sense at all?
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