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    RPG Generator Idea

    Thanks for the advice, but sadly some of this stuff would have to be known as the game is created, though yes, some of it can be observed.     Why? Until a player talks to the merchant they don't know if he wants them to protect him or assassinate a rival. Until a player enters a dungeon, they don't know if it's filled with devious traps or hulking trolls.   Even the world map doesn't need to be set, strictly speaking, until its observed. If the player sails away from island 1 at the first opportunity, lay down island 2 at that point and keep it low level. If they stay on island 1 until the endgame, make island 2 a volcanic fortress for the big fight at the end.   In the cases you speak of it is true, but it certainly is not true about other mechanics of the game, like which types of weapons to use, and which time period you choose to play in. Though that does simplify a lot of the questioning that has to be done at the beginning of the game.  
  2. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    Thanks for the advice, but sadly some of this stuff would have to be known as the game is created, though yes, some of it can be observed.
  3. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    Thanks, for the help! Dwarf Fortress carries alot of the same ideas for generating this stuff, though it seems this is more is about a sandbox world generation, that is on a 2d plane.  For anyone still confused on what exactly I'm looking to do, you could say it could be the same type of "Random" generation.
  4. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    Imagine that each quest grants the same type of rewards, A item Exp Currency Another Quest (For example has a 100% chance to be created) A Side Quest (For example has a 35% chance to be created) As you can see, most quests consist of the same components. Thanks for the advice, I'll look at it and get back to everyone.
  5. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    When I said that I meant in terms of generating the data, opposed to the graphics. I meant how the story line goes through. By what I'm saying, each choice has a numerical value that helps determine something. For example, creating a way to level up based on these questions would be: - Favorite Number 1-1000 (Determines how much XP it would take to reach the next level, and in turn determines how much XP each monster at level 1 would award) - Favorite Stat (What each level would give the most "points" to, saying that each time you level up, each stat gets a certain amount stronger) - Favorite Time of day ((Yes, it could possibly even be this random.) The hour could then, for example, be used to divide the XP to get to the next level to determine the average weapon strength) - Length of the player's selected name (An additional numerical value that could determine how much each stat goes up with each level?) This is more or less the type of idea I had about implementing it, though I have nothing solid, I figure with the right random questions you could collect enough data to generate a layout of a RPG world that player would enjoy, and then take that data, and have it actually build it with what the player choose.
  6. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

      I think what I meant to say about this stuff was more along the lines of what your saying, but rather a way more complex version, and of course it would be difficult to put together, but I assume it would be possible to put it together with enough work. I have no clue what they would be called, once again this is what if it was possible, how would it work.
  7. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    Some good points The goal would to be to generate something different every time so even the person developing the game could have a new experience. I assume at some point this includes the battle system too. In terms of graphics, yes this would be difficult to implement. At face value of how you determine stats would be entirely based off of how many choices you give them, and if you give them 20 choices for 30 questions the possibilities equal 20^30 At some point the amount of work to generate, for example DNA in the human cell (which uses four nucleotides to generate all genes in the human body.) using nucleotides out ways the amount of work it would take to implement literally every single human being in existance, or that has existed.
  8. QuinnVarcoe

    RPG Generator Idea

    RPG Generator Idea Platform: PC (Windows) Genre: Role Playing Game Theme: Any Core design goals - Creates a game separate from what even the developer chose to create. - Has a nearly random generation, but slightly modifiable user input system to create a setting where the player can feel comfortable. - Allows every players experience to be unique.   This idea purely theoretical, but at the current time I would like to explore this idea for a little while. Why not right?   My goal is to create a universe for each player to feel at home and have the best experience possible, not necessarily the easiest or most boring. I want to create, essentially, a RPG world generator. The best part about this goal is that this CAN be achieved. All it has to do is use a bunch of "survey" answers, to generate a world in which a player can feel unique, and where the quest line fits what they want to do in that instance. Question I am looking to ask here is: Who else is believes that this idea could go somewhere in the right hands? Who has some good ideas for some the basic survey questions? What exactly goes into YOUR favorite RPG experience? Here is what I am currently working with/trying to fill out in terms of this "Survey":   - Name - Enemy/Rival Name - Alignment - Favorite Stat (Strength, Intelligence, Agility, etc.) - Favorite Color - Fantasy cultures - Favorite School Subject - Time Period - Element Selector (maybe each thing on the periodic table has a unique use?) - Epic Destiny (maybe a fill in the blank that searches for key words?) Notes: - This might be posted in the wrong section, I'm not sure where to put it, but input from a community sounds pretty cool. - I would like to include additional questions that make the story line a little more "random", that help define how you level up, what your abilities are like, the currency you use, and the how items are generated. - Maybe this could be a community project for fun? (I Don't know quite how this community works, viewed 3-5 posts where people seemed to be helpful) Thanks in advance for the advice, and I'm looking forward to going further into depth on how this community work and how I can become a more common member in it.    
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