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  1. Well, I'm plan to make it free, so Pro Edition doesn't make much difference from Personal Edition for me. I will always  keep in mind Unity, but come to it only after some experience in more simple engines (I mean, at least one completed full-featured game). I think it's important to make simple things first to earn your wings, and go hard later.
  2. Honestly, I don't see any reason to buy Unity for simple indie projects - Personal Edition is quite enough. What features of PRO+ versions is really worth it to buy a subscription?   In a next few days I will try my best to test on all mentioned engines/frameworks.
  3. I've heard that GameMaker is good for top-down rpg, while Construct2 is good for platformers, this is why I started wondering and searched the web. As programmer myself I know that any language/tool is capable of creating any Thing, but it's matter of efford, time and convenience. I studied the XNA when it was still in development. Everything ended sadly, as you must know. Also it's only a framework, the engine has to make yourself. I've spent a lot of time learning Unity, because I really like it. I've read over 10 books and complete all official video tutorials, tried to make things myself. But I came to realization that Unity is just too huge for my needs. And not so convinient.   And what is about debating my points/needs?
  4. I tried to draw my needs in the first post. No, I don't need a multiplatform, only Windows. The main requirement - the high speed of development (for this purpose the engine shall be aimed on 2D not to fight against excesses of 3D while development,  there shall be available tools for quick implementation of the main mechanics of platformer and that the most important - there shall be a comfortable level editor. Unity doesn't possess any of the listed properties - it's 3D, it's physics based, what is bad for classic platformer, it isn't so easy and quick to implement platformer mechanics and the editor with float coordinates isn't comfortable for 2D). Yesterday I tested Construct2 and I can tell what despite existence of the built-in behaviours and the comfortable editor, lack of a code per se generally repels me. To write events through a clicks with a mouse is somehow not my bag. Because of it the editor look such... limited. GameMaker so far is good - good editor, built-in gml language, easy to implement platformer mechanics. But... there may still be something better what I yet do not know about.   Writing engine by myself - is too time-consuming and it isn't worth the investment of effort. For me it is just reinventing the wheel, while there are so many completed engines (almost)without bugs.   And my main goal - to complete the game. Time-consuming instruments may turn development into a neverending task. But I want to see the result, to play the game I may enjoy.
  5. Hey guys, I'm kinda new here. And I'm looking for good engine for 2D platformer. Yes, I know that the question about the best engine was asked already one thousand times. But I think that technologies don't stand still, and over time the situation changes - some engines become better, appear new coolengines, etc. Therefore I want to ask about what engine in your judgement is best for development 2D of platformer now? It is a little about myself - I work as the programmer fullday for 4 years. I rather well know C#/Java, worked with php, java-script therefore the study of a new language won't make for me special work. In the past, I dealt with GameMaker 8 and Unity, but didn't achieve the end result. In off-duty time I haven't a lot of time to plunge into difficult development. I need the fast tool, otherwise my game will turn into never-ending unfinished construction. What it is necessary for me from an engine? 0. The free license without critical restrictions of an engine (size/time/functions). 1. It shall be aimed on 2D. Unity wasn't pleasant to me the fact that it is expected generally for 3D. And though in the latests version it was added support of 2d, nevertheless I consider Unity too huge combine for simple 2d games. 2. Simple implementation of basic elements of platformer - movement of the character, a double jump, a wall a jump, one way platforms, moving platforms, etc. 3. The built-in level editor - similar to GameMaker. 4. A possibility of compilation for Windows. In independent searches I stopped on two options so far - GameMaker and Construct2. Though I am not sure about them. Very attractively for me is libGDX, but it requres a lot of coding and time what I don't have.   TL;DR What nowaday Engine is the best for development of 2D platformer in your opinion and why?
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