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  1. Enzo Falone

    My Year as a Mobile Gamedev

      I use unity engine   Nice engine, i like it but i don't like how you manage the positions (the center is the 0 position)
  2. Enzo Falone

    My Year as a Mobile Gamedev

    wow nice and what engine you used to make all your games?
  3. i cant uninstall vs community because i deleted the folder, when i install that it was bad installed, so i deleted to install retry, but, it don't works
  4. Enzo Falone

    where i can learn as3/haxe

    i want to learn as3 because haxe use that sintaxis and i want to use haxe, because its multi-platform and i can export to different platfoms without pay something. and i like the as3 sintaxis, anyway, i want to make games with haxe but i dont found as3 tutorials in spanish or english, and i need tutorials to learn
  5. Enzo Falone

    undecided in what i learn to game programming

    now i dont want to use unity, i want to use a language and a framework for 2d game dev for android and pc
  6. you can use any language.
  7. Enzo Falone

    undecided in what i learn to game programming

    No, first i want to learn programming how it can be and later i will use unity and i'll have more experience coding   You don't NEED to quit just because your brother bought you a license. Anyway, Google Play uses Java. You'll have to learn that, and another framework. I think they also use C++, not too sure on that. Possibly some scripting languages.        i want to use gm but the license of professional edition + android module is very expensive to me and i dont have more money.
  8. hi, i created a lot of games with gamemaker but my brother bought to me a google play license and for that reason i need to quit gamemaker, but i want to use first a game framework and later use unity, but now im undecided.
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